Leave Me Alone

17 year old Nichole Richardson transfers to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School to study music, but not everyone is so friendly. 18 year old Harry Styles gets a kick out of making Nichole's life hell. Will she pressure through, or will she break and return to America?


5. Stand Up

My heart beat even harder and the butterflies faded into fear in the pit of my stomach. This wasn't him. It wasn't the Harry I fell for. He wasn't the one I knew. What was this? What was happening? "H-Harry," I stammered again. He chuckled, lowly and darkly. "N-Nikki," he mocked. My heart fell into my stomach. Something was wrong. This was worse than usual. He never meant to scare me, just tease me, but now, I was terrified. "Harry, please let me go," I whispered. He smiled. "But I just got here, and you look so pretty today," he whined. I whimpered and shrank back into the lockers. He ran his hand down my cheek and I cringed away, scared. The rush of heat wasn't there. His hand dropped away.

"Harry, mate!" I heard someone yell from down the hall. I turn my head to see Liam running down to us, concern in his eyes. Harry glared at him, then looked back down at me. Liam grabbed his arm. "Come on, mate, get away from her. You've been this good not to hurt her. Don't do it now," Liam soothed. I cocked my head. What was he talking about? Not hurting me? He's never came close. I looked back to Harry and our eyes met, causing something to snap inside of him. His lips rolled back into a grimace and he pulled against Liam's arms. "Zayn, Niall, someone!" Liam shouted into the empty halls. "Can you give me a hand? Harry's snapped and I have Nikki here!"

A moment later, Niall and Louis came barreling down the hall at full speed. They stopped in front of me, panting and short of breathe. Niall grabbed my arm and attempted to pull me away from the scene. "Come on, Nichole," he whispered. "It isn't safe for you here. Trust me. You can see Harry later if you want, if it's safe, but not now," he said, constantly looking over his shoulder at the insane boy behind him.

I shook free of his hold. "No, Niall. That's where you're wrong. I'm not going anywhere until I know what's going on. How can Harry be so sweet to me this morning, then ask me to act like the past few days hadn't happen, and then frighten me to the point where I want to cry? What is his problem?!" I ended up shouting at the three boys separating Harry and me. "Look," Louis started, walking towards me and pushing Niall out of the way and towards Harry. "We'll gladly explain everything to you, but later, without Harry around. He wouldn't want you to know and he'd likely try to stop us. You cannot speak a word of this to him, got that? it's critical that this remains between us. Now, hurry off to class. We have to help Harry," he finished, handing me my school bag that I hadn't noticed I had dropped. I nodded silently and slung it over my shoulder. I walked to the corner quickly, glancing over my shoulder every so often, acting paranoid. As soon as I was out of view, I stopped and listened.

"Harry! Harry, mate! You need to relax. You nearly killed Nikki back there! You need to learn to control yourself. You could have hurt her," Louis half shouted in a harsh whisper. Someone gave a muffled and muttered response and I heard someone get hit. "Pull yourself together, Hazza! What are you thinking? We told you countless times that you couldn't be around Nichole and yet you deliberately didn't listen! What the hell were you thinking?" Liam asked. Someone sighed.

"You don't understand. Everything was perfect this morning. I picked her up for school and drove her here. We even had a slight conversation. Well, that just means she let me compliment her," he explained, earning a chuckled from Zayn. "But I fucked it up! I told her not to let it known that we had hung out. I didn't mean to sound so cold. I really didn't. I just mean that I didn't want everyone to get the wrong idea about us. When she ran from me, it broke my heart. All I wanted to do was chase after her and hold me, to tell her I was wrong and I shouldn't have asked that from her, that I wanted everyone to know I wanted to spend time with her. But, when I went after her, she was already in your arms, Zayn, and I know how girls react to you. I knew she had fallen for you, so I decided to drop out of the picture. I left for a minute before deciding that I wouldn't, that I would fight for her. I came back in, saw she was gone and asked some girl what happened. She told me that she saw Nikki run into you, fall and you helped her up, then you talked about something very briefly before she ran again. She asked me if I had driven Nichole. I walked away without giving her an answer. I didn't know what to say.

"I got angry then. I lost the girl I loved to my best friend and I got pissed. I didn't want you to have her. I didn't want her to have anyone else. I lost control when I saw her talking to you, Liam. I thought you were taking her from me as well. I already know you have feelings for her. It drove me mad. I don't remember anything after that," he recalled.

Tears strung to my eyes, partially in anger and partially in awe. He almost killed me because he was mad that I talked to his friends, but he was mad because he thought he lost me. I was wonder struck. I didn't know he even had feelings for me, but I'm guessing his friends did, or else they would be giving him more grief about this.

"You guys clearly don't see it. I wouldn't have hurt her. I would have came close, yes, but there's something about her. I don't remember going to her, but I know exactly when I touched her because touching her skin is like no other sensation in the world. I knew that when I felt that burn inside of me that it was her and that she was safe. Then Liam pulled me away and pushed me right back into my frenzy. What did you guys tell her?" Harry asked. There was silence. "Nothing," Niall said. "We just told her she had to get out of here and had to get to class. We had to get you to come to and we couldn't do that with her around," he explained. Harry groaned. "Great. Now I'm the psychopath who just tried to kill her. Does she know?" he asked. Silence. "Good. I want to be the one to tell her. If she never speaks to me again, I want it to be because I said something that scared her off, not one of you," he directed. "Aye aye, captain," Zayn mocked. Someone got hit. I smiled. The famous Harry Styles had feelings for me and me alone. I walked off to class, happy with myself and the butterflies in my stomach.

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