Leave Me Alone

17 year old Nichole Richardson transfers to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School to study music, but not everyone is so friendly. 18 year old Harry Styles gets a kick out of making Nichole's life hell. Will she pressure through, or will she break and return to America?


7. Plans

I spent the next few hours clammed up in my room, doing homework and studying. Around 9 o'clock, I sighed and gave up, dubbing English history impossible. I pulled out my laptop and began surfing random websites. Twenty minutes passed before I heard that familiar jingle. I was getting a Skype call. I completely forgot that we were supposed to talk! Quickly, I answered and up popped the faces of two of my best friends. "April! Raven! " I yelled, greeting Sarah and Amanda respectively. "Where's Renee?" I asked, not seeing Rian. "She got whisked away by her boyfriend after school. We don't know where they went," answered Amanda. "Really? How long have they been dating?" I questioned. Amanda looked at Sarah. "I don't know. A couple months at most. They got together after you left," Sarah explained. I nodded. "Autumn, I miss you," Amanda whined. I smiled. "I miss you too, Raven." I remember the day we got those nicknames.

We were in sociology class, working on our projects on society and different norms in different cultures. Our project was on cyber goths. As we were hard at work- at least acting like we were- Amanda started freaking out. "Guys! Do you want to find out what your goth name is?" she asked eagerly. I looked over at Rian, another friend of mine and we shrugged our shoulders. As she directed us on how to find the page, our excitement grew. Finally, we found the link and we each took the survey in silence. Rian finished first. "I got Winona, but I don't like it. I was just messing around on that one. I'm gonna do it again. As she restarted, I finished. I got Tibby. I laughed. "i'm Tibby, guys," I shared. The  two girls with me smiled. "Let's keep doing it and get full names," suggested Rian. We agreed and continued. From then on, I was Autumn Alexandra Tibby, Amanda was Raven Cornelia Slayer, and Rian became Renee Blair Jasen. Talking to Sarah about it at lunch, she became upset that she didn't get to be part of it, so we all decided on a name for her: April.

The girls on the screen smiled. "Autumn! You look amazing. Your hair got so long! And I see you've still got that top we bought with you," Sarah remarked. I looked down at my floral shirt. "Yeah, you guys know I love this shirt. And since the accident I haven't really been remembering to cut my hair." It had gotten pretty long. It was slightly past my shoulders when I moved and now it was halfway down my back. "Talk about me changing! Amanda, you dyed your hair!" I noticed. Last I saw her, her hair was dyed brown. Now she had her natural blonde locks back with a tint of blue at the tips. "Yeah! Does it look bad?" she asked and I shook my head. "No, it looks good. I like it," I approved. She released a breathe I hadn't noticed she'd been holding.

Suddenly, the door behind them opened, and I saw a tall, dangly boy that I hadn't realized I had missed. "Trevor!" I shouted, causing Sarah to jump. Trevor frantically looked around the room and settled his eyes on the computer. I waved. his eyes got wide and his jaw dropped. "Holy shit. Nikki, it's you!" he exclaimed, happy. I laughed. "Yeah, I called the girls this morning- well, your morning- and we decided to talk," I explained. Trevor sighed. "Forget talking. We miss you! Come visit! We get off of school in two weeks," he said. I sighed. I missed my friends, but could I go all summer in America without everything here? Without Harry? I know that after today, I have no right thinking about him, but I couldn't help it. "Why don't you guys come here? It'll be an awesome break and you can come see how I live. And you can scope out cute England guys," I said, then quickly looked at Trevor. "Or girls, if you come," I added.

We all discussed it and decided that it would be better if they all came here. After talking about recent events in our lives for a few hours, we decided to wrap up the call and go ask our parents. "Text me when you get the answer!" I said, smiling. After giving them my number, we ended the call.

Just then, I heard the front door open. "Aunt Veronica!" I shouted, running out of my room and down the stairs. She laughed as I wrapped my arms around her waist. "Well, hello to you too, Speed Racer," she joked, patting my head. "What's up with you?" she asked. I let her go and smiled up at her. "I just got off of a call with my friends back home. Oh, please, Aunt Veronica, Can't they come stay with us for the summer? Please, please, please? I need a little piece of home, a little dose of pure American craziness. I'm being purified by the British!" I fainted dramatically, causing Veronica to laugh. "We'll see when It gets closer," she said. "But... I get out of school in a few weeks and they're out in two! We need to know NOOOWWWW!" I sighed. My aunt gave me the "Don't Argue my answer" look and I stopped. "I'll let you know before Monday. But don't bug me about it," she instructed. I stood straight up and pretended to zip my mouth. She laughed again, gave me a hug, and muttered under her breath, "I wish."

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