Leave Me Alone

17 year old Nichole Richardson transfers to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School to study music, but not everyone is so friendly. 18 year old Harry Styles gets a kick out of making Nichole's life hell. Will she pressure through, or will she break and return to America?


4. It Crashes Down

I ran, as fast as my legs could carry me, to my locker. In the distance, I heard Niall calling my name. He's one of my bullies, I reminded myself. I chanced a glance over my shoulder. Seeing no one immediately on my tail, I turned back, just in time to hit someone, knocking myself to the floor. I looked up and saw a tall, looming figure rise over me. The face was easily recognizable. The day at the park rolled around and I gasped, remembering he was Harry's friend. He smiled at me.

"It's you. You're that boy from the park. With Harry," I said, mind blank. He laughed, a deep chuckle that sounded right coming from him. He grabbed my arms carefully and lifted me to my feet. "The name's Zayn, by the way. And you shouldn't run in the halls," he advised. I heard whispers circle us, his hands still on my arms. I glanced around and sure enough, groups of girls were huddled in every dark corner, whispering. Guys stared, confusion in their eyes. Teachers lingered in doorways. Even they knew the truth. Harry and his friends, including the one who held me now, had made my life here hell, and now they're seen having a civil conversation with me. I heard behind me that a girl saw me get out of Harry's car and I lost it. I ran from the scene of gossipers and bystanders.

I ran until my legs ached and my lungs burned, my locker forgotten. I spotted a room with an open door to my left and I quickly darted inside, closing the door tightly and locking it behind me. I leaned against it and fell to the floor. And I cried silently. I cried for my parents and for everything I've been through since we've gotten here. I cried for my aunt and how she had to give up everything to come take care of me after they died. I cried for Harry. I cried for my heart. Wiping the tears off my face, a question came to mind. Since when did I care for Harry? When did these feelings come into play? He's always been so rude to me. You love him, a small voice in my mind chimed. I shook my head. I couldn't love him. He's a jerk, my tormentor. How could I love him? I asked myself. Yesterday, the voice whispered back. Yesterday, you saw him as a fun loving, danger craving, laid back, optimistic teenager who only wants to be himself. That's the side of Harry you fell for. That's the side you want to see more of. You no longer saw the bully who wanted to watch you suffer. You saw the boy with a heart, and you liked it, it said.

sighed. The voice had a point. The side I was shown yesterday appealed to me more than the side I always saw. I had always thought the butterflies in my stomach were nerves, mistaken the pace of my heart as fear. But love? It would have never registered in my mind.

A shadow pacing outside my door halted my thoughts. Harry's looking for me, I thought. He fell against the door and sighed, cussing quietly. I recognized the voice. It wasn't Harry. It was a friend of his. A tormentor of mine. Someone who had been there yesterday and knew I was with him. "Damn him. Damn Harry to the deepest pit of Hell! Finally, finally, I meet a nice girl that I actually like and Harry stakes his claim in her. But, of course, he's such a bloody coward that he won't tell her a thing! He sees her beauty, her potential, and still chooses to make herself lose her self esteem. He knows how fragile Nikki is, and yet he continues. Doesn't he know that he's not the only one here who wants her? Can't he see that I could treat her so much better? But even if he didn't like her, she'd laugh in my face if I told her my feelings. What would I even say? 'Nichole, I know that the impression you have of me isn't good because of Harry, but let me be one of the first to say that we're not all asses here. Hell, I think he's the only one. Nikki, I really like you and- No, damn it, that's stupid!" he chastised. He hit his head again the door. I sighed. I didn't know he had feelings for me. My heart stopped. Now I have to choose? Harry or his best friend? Great.

I pushed those feelings aside and focused on the task at hand. I had to get out of here without showing that I heard every word of that. Immediately, I grabbed my headphones and cell phone from my purse and quickly played a random song. Sprinting to the door, I put on one of my headphones, turned the lock, and opened the door.

Liam fell back against the door, unexpectant of its opening. He looked at me, worry in his eyes. "Nichole, how long have you been in there?" he asked stupidly. Longer than you have been sitting there, I wanted to say. Instead, I bit my tongue and shrugged. He looked at the floor, blood rushing to his face. "I was doing some homework. With my aunt at home, it tends to get a little.. Crazy," I lied smoothly. His head perked up. "Who? Oh, yeah, Veronica, right? She hangs out with my mom all of the time. Harry's, too. They seem pretty close. It's cool she stays with you. What about your parents?" he asked. I winced: sore subject. "What about them? They're never home. I don't really see them anymore. It's hard and strange, but that's life, I guess.. I gotta run. Class and all," I excused myself, fighting back tears. I tore off running, tears blurring my vision as they fell of my cheeks. I ran into a solid wall. A soft, thin, tall wall with hair. My heart pounded and the butterflies started up again. I glanced up and saw the crazy mop of brown curls. "H-H-arry," I said through the tears, fear laced in my voice. He smirked and it made me believe that the other day and this morning were a dream.

"Well, hello there, Nikki. Did you enjoy your run?" He asked, stepping closer, and effectively trapping me against the lockers.

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