Leave Me Alone

17 year old Nichole Richardson transfers to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School to study music, but not everyone is so friendly. 18 year old Harry Styles gets a kick out of making Nichole's life hell. Will she pressure through, or will she break and return to America?


3. Forbidden Territory

My alarm clock rung the next morning, 6:30, just as it was set. Stretching, I smiled. Fridays always left me in a better mood. The weekend was here, which meant two full days away from my tormenter and his friends. Remembering my shower last night, I ran a brush through the tangles in my hair that had dried overnight. I dressed quickly, opting for a pair of dark skinny jeans and a loose floral blouse. I plugged in my curling iron and left my room, heading for the kitchen.

My aunt stood at the stove, apparently making breakfast. I took in her appearance. Her brown hair was tied into tight high ponytail, the ends curled. She wore a dark gray skirt and jacket, a white blouse peeking out from the bottom. Her black heels must have been killing her as she stood there, waiting for the eggs and bacon to finish. The toaster popped beside me and we both jumped. She turned and saw me in the doorway, watching her.

"Nikki, how long have you been standing there?" she asked, hand to her chest to slow her heart. I smiled. "Not long. You going to the office today?" I questioned. She smiled, her brown eyes twinkled, and her face grew red. "Yes, I am. I know you don't really cook and I wanted you to get a decent meal this morning. I'd join you, but I'm running late. I told Anne I couldn't stay out late, but she insisted. That woman is trouble, you know. One of my closest friends and she still can't get over the fact that I'm American. Can you believe that? It's crazy. But that son of hers is such an attractive boy. I think you two would really hit it off. I'll have to talk to Anne about setting you two up. Oh crap! I've gotta go! Bye, hun. Have a good day at school," she called as she dashed out the front door and ran to her car.

I smiled. A good day at school? Is Harry not going to be there? I chuckled to myself and pulled the food off of the stove. I threw it all onto a plate and carried it back to my room. The curling iron was hot, so I wound a few locks around it and sprayed it with hairspray.

Between eating and doing my hair, I didn't hear the knocks on the door. A loud rap on the door brought me back into my surroundings and I ran to answer the door. There, with the early morning sun in his curls, stood Harry Styles. he donned a pair of loose dark blue jeans and a flannel shirt open over a white V-neck shirt. Despite my feelings towards him, I had to say, he looked incredible. Quickly, I folded my arms across my chest. "What are you doing here, Styles?" I asked, voice hard. He shivered dramatically. "Wow, Nichole. After yesterday, you think you wouldn't be so frigid," he remarked. My mind went back to yesterday in the park, back to the first time I had smoked in six months, with the one person I despised most. I sighed, dropped my arms, and leaned on the doorway. "What do you want, Harry?" I asked again, more friendly. He smiled. "I like when you say my name. And I am here to offer you a ride to school," he admitted. I stood straight, surprised. "Wouldn't your friends be surprised that you drove me? After all, you do hate me," I pointed out. He laughed quietly, mainly to himself. "My friends would be, but not because I hate you. I don't, actually, just your people," he remarked. I smiled. "Yeah, well , me too. Come on in. I'm just finishing getting ready. I'll be out in a minute," I told him, holding the door open wider and walking back to my room.

I quickly threw on some eyeliner, lip gloss, and eye shadow. I slipped on my black flats that were beside my bed and ran back out to the living room where Harry was waiting. I found him with an old picture in his hands "That's my parents and me, back in America, at Disneyland in Florida. I was six. We always took family trips. The year they vacationed here, I was with a friend in California. When I got back, they told me we were moving here. They had everything worked out that it was impossible to tell them no. I had just turned seventeen two months before we moved," I recalled to him. He turned and looked at me. "Where are they now? Shouldn't they be up to see you off the school?" he asked, looking around. I dropped my head, memories coming back. "They're... Not home. Seems like they never are. Come on," I said. "Let's head to school."

The drive was quiet. He didn't speak because I didn't speak. I didn't say anything because I was thinking about my parents. He sighed. I looked over at him. "What?" I asked when he didn't say a word. He looked down into his lap. "You look really pretty, you know that?" he asked. I was taken aback "What?" I asked. He looked back to the road. "Forget it. I just said you looked pretty, but you'd never take that compliment from me," he berated. I giggled. "Thank you. That's sweet," I said, smiling. He looked over at me, a smile etched across his features, his green eyes sparkling. Slowly, he lifted one hand off of the steering wheel to brush his hand along my cheek. The burning from yesterday was back, but now it was on my cheeks. I flushed red. What was wrong with me? His hand retracted and went back to the wheel wordlessly. I stared down into my lap, waiting for the blood to leave my face. As soon as I'd relaxed, we pulled into the school's parking lot. I grabbed my school bag at my feet and climbed out quickly, hoping no one saw me coming from his car. As I walked out of the lot, Harry called me. When he ran and caught up to me, he held my arm and spoke in a low, hushed tone. "Nichole, whatever you do, don't let anyone know that I drove you here today or anything about us hanging out yesterday," he said. I felt my heart shatter. He didn't want anyone to know we spent time together? "Fine by me," I said, frigidness back. He flinched back, not expecting that tone from me. I ripped my arm out of his grasp. "Go away, Styles! You don't know anything about me!" I yelled, building back up that level of hate that everyone is used to. I ran into the school and away from Harry, the boy I may be developing feelings for.

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