telling him the truth

Kyle Mercer-Tomlinson has been married to her husband Louis tomlinson for 5 years they have known each other since she was 2 years old considering he use to babysit her when she was little. When kyle was 16. Years something terrible happened to her and she hasnt told a soul not even Louis what happens when her past comes back to haunt her follow kyle and Louis journey as an epic World wind accurs in there lives will they still be strong and stay a married couple or will they dirft apart from all the lies and.disceat. and even murder ?


2. the confession /surprise part.1,


Chapter 2 

Louis P.O.V

I was nervous for Kyle and even myself , I had no idea what she wanted to tell me or how bad the news was well it must be bad considering we are pulling into the hospital . I just don’t understand why she won’t tell, she knows that she can come to me and we can talk to each other about anything and ill understand. We’ve known each other practically our whole lives and weve been married for about 5 years, which has been amazing the only downfall is that ive been trying to make love to my wife and start a family but everytime I touch her or get to the intimate part she stops and tells me she is on her time of the month, but what she doesn’t know is that I know when she is on and when she isn’t . . I just hope the reason for her strangeness doesn’t involve another man . *skips walking in the hospital, signing in and the elevator * My mind was still in my own little world but I heard the bell to the elevator I came to and walked out with Kyle. I could tell she was nervous and scared, normally she would hold my hand when were out but not this time. As we walked down the hall we suddenly stopped in front of the door as I looked at my surrounding and saw a sign next to the door that read “Dr.Sheridan/Family and individual Therapist. “ Therapist? Why would she need one, she’s prefect? After she opened the door and took a deep breath she walked in and made her way to the receptionist. I took my phone out and made went to sit down I decided to go on twitter to give a shout out to the fans and see if the boys can pick up Kyle’s present from the airport . As I signed in I noticed I that I just got a few mentions probably from the boys but you’ll never know. When I scrolled threw I saw one of them was from Harry. I clicked on it and read the message. @harry_styles –Planning a lovely surprise bday for the big sister Kyle Tomlinson .Good thing she doesn’t have twitter otherwise with her right now and I need you to pick up Kyle’s present @ the airport can you do it .? I would be dead by her husband Lou. Happy bday sis love you and see you soon . I like the mentioned and decided to one him a pm (private message) -@Louis Tomlinson – Hey haz nice one with the birthday shout out you beat me to it and yeah you’re right I would’ve killed you for that status you wrote. Lol but your sis has me doing something important with her right now and I need you to pick up her present @ the airport can you do it ?


Kyle’s P.O.V

To tell you that I was nervous was an understatement, Truth being told I was scared as hell. I know I could go to my husband for just about any and everything but not this. I can just imagine his head exploding and going off on something. He is very protective of his family and especially me. If something like this happened to the girls he would kill first and ask questions later and I don’t blame him , but my other secret im scared shitless (excuse my French .) . In case you haven’t figured it out im taking Louis to see my therapist( and yes I have one .) dr. Sheridan De Luna also known as Aunty sheri . She has been trying to help me with trying to remember bits and pieces of my member of what has happened to me almost 5 years ago . Today we are going to do exercise to where I will be asleep and im kindof reliving it again but not physically but mentionally and emotionally if that makes since . I brought Louis with me because of 2 thing one for support even though he has no idea what he is doing here and 2 this is kindof helping me explaining this to him instead of being an emotional reck . “Mrs.Tomlinson ?” I shot my head up at alexis,dr.sheridan’s assistant and said “yes” “she is ready to see you now.” I looked at Louis who was in his phone probably on twitter he had his free hand on his leg and as I placed mine in his he looked up at me . I guess considering I didn’t hold his hand when we got out of the car or coming up here . As he looked at me he had that worried look on his face and said “ whats wrong ? “ I shook my head telling him nothing and said “ she is ready for us to go in “ he looked at me and said “ okay “ he put his phone away and as I got up he got up with me . I quickly made my way to the front door with Louis right behind . God I love this man I don’t know what I would without him and I don’t want to think about that . I opened the door and smiled when I saw my aunt . I then said “hi dr. Sheridan “ as she was writing something in her notepad . her head jolted up and she smiled lightlyher smiled suddenly became a frown probably because she saw my husband right behind me . I could tell she was worried because of the way she was looking at him and then at me . She looked at him one more time and then back at me with a concerned and scared looked for me and said in a whispher are you sure “ I looked behind me and saw Louis who was worried and questioning her actions . Probably trying to figure out what was going on “ I knew I was ready to tell him I had to . I was tired of holding this secret from him . I just hoped he still love me after this . I turned back around facing aunt Sheridan and said “yes im sure . “ and headed to the seat that I normally in .Louis decided to sit in the seat infront of me and aunt Sheridan . “Lord please let this go well I don’t want to loose my husband “ . as I said a quick prayer I looked at my aunt to see what was going to happen to day . I guess after awhile of staring she forgot to introduce herself she then said “ Hello Louis its been awhile since weve last seen each other.How are you ?”and since this is your first time being here and I know you have questions would you like to know how kyle is doing ?” Louis was just staring into space when my aunt spoke to him . She called his name twice more until I finally step in . “ Babe?”

Louis P.OV

“Babe ?” as I was put back into reality when kyle called my namei finalled answered her “ Yes babe “ “ Did you hear doctor Sheridan “ As I looked at the female next to ky who I now remember was her aunt . I remember her from the wedding she was the one who gave her away considering her mother wasn’t there due to her sickname and the accident . Before she called me again I decided to answer the question “no babe Im sorry I was thinking about something else ,mind repeating it . “ Ky chuckled alittle and I smiled as I looked down at the ground and then back up again . Aunt Sheridan looked chuckled alittle to and said “ Its quite alright Louis ,your wife does that a lot when she is in here “ I chuckled a lot and smiled at kyle and saw that she would now blushing .Then doctor Sheridan spoke and said “ I said that it has been awhile and since this was your first time would you like to hear how kyle is doing ? “ I smiled back lightly and said “ Yes it has been awile to long actually ,and yes I would like to know how kyle is doing . “ I finally got out of the chair that I was sitting in and made my way over to my wife . I sat next to her and took her hand in mine and leaned in and kissed her hair . I don’t know why but something is telling me im not going to like what ky has to tell me and I hope my temper doesn’t get the best of me .(find out about that later ) . Dr. Sheridan gives ky one last look I guess making sure if she was sure about this and as i watched the two of them I saw kyle shook her head again saying yes and something else I wasn’t expecting . “ I kept this from him long enough its time that he know the truth of what happened to me and of Ali and Siobh” “ Ali and Siobh ?” who are they and what happened to kyle When ? “ Im so confused and already have a lot of questions to ask her I just hope I get my answers soon rather then later . Dr. Sheridan then looked at me and gave me a warm but serious smile and said “ Louis for the last few months kyle has been coming to see me about a serious matter . she has been having dreams of the former incident and tragedy which therefore is explain her actions and unusal behavior she has towards you .” I took a look at kyle and she is looking at the ground listening to what her aunt is saying . she then speaks again “ she has been opening enough to talk to me about the details but she hasn’t told me who has hurt her and that I what we are going to try and find out today . “HURT HER?” I look down at ky again and she is still looking at the ground but this time I noticed something different she has tears coming down her cheeks . . As I went to go and whipped them away I looked back at doctor Sheridan and said” how exactly are we going to find out and what exactly happened to her and why am I just now finding about about this .?” Only one question was for kyle’s aunt but the other two was really for Kyle . I then heard a voice that I wasn’t expecting to answer this . “ Well kyle is going to do a sleep exercise to where she is going to relieve her terrible fear in her mind and tell me what she see . Its kindof like a hypnotizing stage but she will be aware of what she is telling me and you . “ she then said “ kyle has been trying to find ways to tell you for years but she had this feeling that you would leave her if she told you what happened and found out the truth .But the other reason truthfully was she just didn’t know how to tell you and she has been holding it inside her for so long that she just wanted it to go away . I have to admit im alitlle pissed off about this but I also understand where she is coming from . “ I looked down at ky and said “ Is this true babe “ I didn’t want her to think that I was mad at her so I said her name . To be honest im not sure if im mad or not I guess once I find out what she is telling me I will know for sure . I just want to know who Ali and Siobhan are ?” Kyle didn’t say anything he just shock her head . I looked at her and said “ kyle look at me ? “ she slowly looked up at me but wasn’t trying to make contact I then said “is what doctor Sheridan said true about how you feel>” she then said as another tear came down her eyes . “ yes Louis its true’’ Dr.Sheridan said “ Kyle do you ewant to tell Louis the second part of the secret now or during the experiment .” I know her aunt was trying to help but I was getting pissed off I wanted kyle to talk to me not her aunt . That’s one of the reason why I feel in love with kyle no matter what problem she had she felt like she could always come and talk to me about anything even if I was going to be mad or not . But I could never be mad at my wife or ever say no to her . I love her to much and I never wanted to let her go . When I heard dr.sheridan say second part of the secret my head jolted up in a hot second . “Second Part?” Dr.Sheridan looked up at me and gave me one of those warm smiles to try and calm me down . I wanted kyle to talk to me now . I felt like just taking her home so we can talk but I know she wanted to do this way so decided to keep calm and let her tell me her way . I then decided to ask another question . “ how many secrets are exactly are there ?” I then said “ this is for ky to answer “ Dr. Sheridan shook her head in agreement and I looked at my wife waiting for an answer . “ Kyle ? “ I said . “Its only 2 secrets lou,and I would like to tell him the second one now “ she finally looked up at me without me asking . I guess she was answering dr.sheridan’s question too . She then took a deep breathe and started talking . “Babe do you remember when we first made love to each other on Christmas eve/18th birthday” I shook my head and said “ yes babe but what does that have to do with anything .” Ky looked at dr.sheridan and then at me again she then said “ A few weeks after you had left for x-factor I found out that I was pregnant “ hearing her say that I was shocked my mouth fell open ,ive always wanted to have kids and start a family with ky but with the problem we were having it never worked out so I thought but wait then . I finally closed my mouth and then said “ why didn’t you tell me and if you were pregnant then where is our child kyle?” Kyle closed her eyed and then said “I wanted to surprise you ,when you got home ,I didn’t want you to worry about me and the girls .” I looked up at her when I heard the words girls come out . Kyle eyes widened in shock as to watch she said and she placed her hands over her mouth like she had just spilled the beans on her shelf (figure of speech) . I knew she wasn’t going to say anything else after that so I started talking “ Girls Ky ,are you twelling me you were pregnant with twins?”. I was alittle angry at this point I never expected her to keep anything this big and important from me . I was a dad and I didn’t know I was furious and all I wanted to know was one thing .So I asked . “ Where are our Kids Ky.?”


-Author’s note : Hey my carrot tops . I know you guys are going to be shocked about this but I wanted louis’s perspective to be different in this story .yeah he will still have his cheeky and sassy side but I also wanted to see him a tad bit serious and plus it kindof fit with my story . Please don’t be mad . -So did any of you figured out the secrets yet or were you close . I want to know your thoughts . -Was Kyle wrong from keeping this secret from him about the girls and the pregnancy or was she really scared of losing lou . You guys still have a chance to figure out what the other secret is as well but you have to be creative because it’s a big one . And Im looking for girlfriends for,Harry and Zayn or if you want to be wives of the boys . Liam and Niall are already spoken for . I will make my decision by the next update so you have until next thursday to audition so please . Send them in and Also Like comment ,favorite,become of fan . and please pass around a lot of you guys are reading this but none of writing back . writing back would mean a lot to me I would like to know what you think will happened next and if you have any suggestions . So please and thank you for reading so far .Your opinions do matter and whats keeps this story alive remember im writing for you guys .so dont be afraid to speak your mind i dont bite .lol .

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