telling him the truth

Kyle Mercer-Tomlinson has been married to her husband Louis tomlinson for 5 years they have known each other since she was 2 years old considering he use to babysit her when she was little. When kyle was 16. Years something terrible happened to her and she hasnt told a soul not even Louis what happens when her past comes back to haunt her follow kyle and Louis journey as an epic World wind accurs in there lives will they still be strong and stay a married couple or will they dirft apart from all the lies and.disceat. and even murder ?


4. the confession part 2 /meanwhike at harry's

Telling him the truth . (Teaser) Kyle : I seen Louis angry before and this was only the beginning . I looked down at my lap and I couldn’t say anything I couldn’t tell him that his girls were gone and safe in heaven with my grandparents. I couldn’t tell him that it was my fault that they were gone . Because I was so stress while he was away and with seeing my uncle again after him doing what he did to me it was all to much and i had a miscarriage at 6 months . I couldn’t tell him that it would so break him and I mean break him tremendously ,and then my fear if him leaving me and asking me for a divorce would come true .Just thinking about that and the girls made me want to cry my eyes out .And eventually some did fall a few came down on my cheeks and I just let them . I wrapped my arms around my stomach where the girls use to be 5 years ago ,and as im thinking to myself of what to tell him ,I just say to myself I cant tell him about the girls I wont ,im not ready . At that moment I swear Im hearing things or I was knocked out with something I hear what sounds like a little angelic girls voice and says “ Mommy please tell daddy about us he wont be mad . “ My eyes widened and I cover my mouth and tears come down even more. I took a glimpse at lou and he has his eyebrow arched up probably question my actions now . And as I am doing the same . Did I just hear one of my daughter’s voice and if so which one . Siobhan or Ali’s . Questions are running threw my head and they are crazy ones . How is it possible that I can hear the girls voices they are gone and they were infants when they past . ? did Louis hear them or only I ? Who do they look like ,do they look like me or Louis ? . As I was asking myself all these question . I feel someone placing there hands on my shoulder , thinking they would be Lou’s I was completely wrong on that department . Instead of it being my husband it was Aunt sheri . She looked at me with sympathy and reassurance in her eyes and her smile was warm . She then said “ Kyle you don’t have to do it today if you don’t want to but did you still want to do the exercise?” I wanted to do this ,actually I didn’t want to I needed to do it . It was the only way to get over my fear of the person who did this to me . Truth is I know who it is I just cant say it . Im not protecting him its just that If I tell lou he would kill him and so would harry and the boys . I literally had to beg niall not to tell the boys and to go anywhere near the person who did this horrible thing to me . Im just thankful that the girls weren’t his and they were Lou’s . I don’t know what I would do if that situation turned out different . I would still love those girls equally but to know that they would have been conceieved . in a way that no one could image . I couldn’t bare to tell them that when they were older if they’d asked . But in the back of my mind im think to know that my own flesh and blood was so sick and twisted made me sick . M just glad my foster/godparents adopted me and took me away from that . “ Kyle?” I was brought back into reality when I heard my name being called again . I blinked my eyes a few times and then said “huh?” “Did you hear me “I shook my head and then said “ oh im sorry ,yes I want to still do the exercise “ . She shook her head in agreement but as im looking at her I know what she is thinking. She is giving me the am I sure look. Even though this isn’t a smiling matter I give her a reassuring one and then looked at Louis. “Lou I’m going to ask if you can sit in the other seat you were sitting in earlier please.” I finally decided to look over at Louis and see him. I know he is pissed with me and he wants answers but this is the only way that I know how to speak to him. I don’t blame him for mad at me I would be to if I were in his position and I kind of gotten the talk from niall and he wasn’t even my husband . In all consideration nail might be my best friend but I also considered him as a little brother. Even though he was 19 he was very mature for his age and has grown up since he has been in the group with the boys but he still has his childish ways and that’s what we all love about him. Now back to this exercise and me and Louis. It’s been 5 years since the girls miscarriage/death and 6 years since the incident. I planned on telling him eventually but every time I wanted to, I got scared thinking of his reaction and the consequences. I guess I thought that god was going to punish me and have the thing happen to me leave me and I be alone forever with no good memories ,just the memories of my past and in the future be taking care of cats until I die . I didn’t want Lou to be on the other seat I wanted him next to me to where I can hold his hand. “Aunt Sheridan can Lou stay on the seat with me please ? I don’t want him to leave my side “ She shook her head and said “ yes . “ that was easy now im just hoping lou just wants to stay by me . I hope so because I really need him. Louis- Im hurt pissed and worried all at the same time I wanna know where my girls are and why aren’t they with us . How could kyle keep this from me she knows how much I wantd kids, why would she do this to me ? to us ? I don’t know if I could forgive her for this . I was just looking at her with anger and alittle bit of disgust but I still love my wife and I would never leave her ,im not throwing 6 years of marriage and 10 years of being together down the drain . I would never do that to her or myself . “ Aunt Sheridan can lou stay on the seat with me please I don’t want him to leave ?” Hearing kyle say that her voice was shaky and I know she was scared .I have to put my emotions and differences aside and be there for my wife ,being the husband that I am I grabbed kyle’s hand and squeezed letting her know im hear and im not moving this spot . she looked down at it and then at me” I wasn’t sitting over there anyway “ and I leaned in and pecked her on the lips . Kyle’s aunt smiled and said “Alright lou you can stay but I do need you to move down to the end of the couch so kyle can lay down .” I did what I was told and I never let go oh ky’s hand in the process . “ Alright lets being . “ Kyle looked at me as I looked at her she had this scared and worried looked like what I was about to change everything but little did she know what every she was hiding from me wasn’t going to change at all. She smiled lightly at me kindof telling me that she was going to be okay and then she mouthed the words to me . “ I Love you “ I did the same and continued to hold on to ky’s hand . Nobody’s Point of View Little did Louis and Kyle know that things were going to change drastically from the young married couple and there friends and family . As Kyle was having her exercise done and the family to people from kyle’s past was coming for a visit . One Good and the other bad . Lets hope it all ends with laugh and fun instead of lies and mayham . Mean while at harry’s house Mollie – I was super excited and nervous about today one because and everybody were helping Louis throwing a surprise party for my bestfriend and his wife kyle ,but I was nervous because I know that kyle was going to tell lou abut everything about her past of beinig raped and her being pregnant with Siobhan and Aaliyah (or Ali for short) . Did I just spill the beans oh im sorry . When im scared and nervous or im hiding sometime I start talking and gossiping it’s a nervous habit . But you were gonna find out anyway . Now who and why who raped kyle is on her to tell you because I have no clue ,because If I did I know a few people that would want that sick son of a bitch dead and gone out of this world . In the back of my mind im routing and praying for kyle hoping everything goes well while she is telling Louis . Lou can be alittle bit of a hothead especially with news such as this . he gets mad when someone messes or trys to hurt the women he loves .For example Kyle was being harassed by an old friend of ours Conor and Louis went ballistic and almost broke him and told him to stay away from kyle or else worse would come to him (but we got all past that because conor was intoxicated and wasn’t aware and after he apologized lou forgave him .) and that’s when lou and kyle started dating J . that was the good ol days . Im not on anyone’s side with this one im just the supporter in this situation . After Kyle told me the secret I told her that I couldn’t keep this secret from niall . I never believed in hiding things from anyone espically niall he trusted me and I trusted him without a bone in my body . Thankfully she understood and was okay with me telling him . I knew with all of the boys she trusted Liam and Niall the most those two were were her brothers as well with me and niall but I was more close to zayn and liam considering niall is my husband . But deep down in my heart as im secretly supporting them I feel bad for them both . Kyle and Louis are good people especially kyle Ive know her my whole life she is more then a bestfriend to me she is my sister and I don’t know what I would do without her . Ky and Lou have been married for 5 years and tomorrow it would be six because tomorrow is there wedding anniversary . and Ive known those too alongside harry since daycare . I met niall after lou and harry went to audition for x-factor and were put together along side liam,niall and zayn . We were connected to each other instantly and even thought kyle and lou got married at 16 and 17 years old me and niall were right behind them . We now have 2 beautiful kids a boy and a girl name scarlette and logan . Scar was the oldest and logan was the youngest by 2 years . He is the spitting image of niall and acts and eats just like him too . Lol . I was in the kitchen putting the snacks and food in the properbowls and making cupcakes while niall was stuffing his face instead of helping me . I had just finished putting the mix fruit in the bowl and into the refridgerator to get cold . I was starting to put the icing on the undone cupcakes when all of a sudden I felt two strong arms being wrapped around around my waste and a chin being added on my should . As a smiled crept upon my face I continued to make the cupcakes . As I was I thinking about everything I assumed he was thinking about kyle and lou because the question he asked me was unexpected. “ How do you think there doing ?” ,” okay I hope “ Knowing what he was talking about I had told him last night that ky was going to tell him everything today and I could tell just by his voice and how he is acting he is worried for Louis and Kyle . I just hope that it doesn’t turn into a big fight . Even though its rare that they fight ,it worse when they do . being transferred out of my thoughts by niall I begin to listen to what he was saying . “ Well I haven’t gotten a text from him so it must be going well” . I didn’t say anything I just shook my head and continued to iced the cupcakes . As I was about to put the cupcakes down I could tell that he wanted to ask me something and I was right but I wasn’t expecting this one either and it scared me to even think he would think that about me . “ Babe if you were in ky’s situation would you have kept that from me . “
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