telling him the truth

Kyle Mercer-Tomlinson has been married to her husband Louis tomlinson for 5 years they have known each other since she was 2 years old considering he use to babysit her when she was little. When kyle was 16. Years something terrible happened to her and she hasnt told a soul not even Louis what happens when her past comes back to haunt her follow kyle and Louis journey as an epic World wind accurs in there lives will they still be strong and stay a married couple or will they dirft apart from all the lies and.disceat. and even murder ?


5. author's note ...

Hey guys so what do you think of the teaser I posted tonight .. and what do you think is going to happen in the next chapter . I want.your guys opinions ... And who do you think the two mystery people are that are going to change Louis and Kyle's lives . Remember what no-one said . " they are both from Kyle's past and one is good and one is bad " "hmm" *starts to.think also the winner who comes up with the closet answer will get .special surprise from me. Also . As promised the winners to be the guys girlfriends are here as promised . And they are .. drum rolPlease .. Niall-Mollie(;),(molsbrown) Harry-kebron tesfaye(that's her movella name as well) Liam-laura(1d2010) And zayn he is still open ... I'm giving you guys til my next update to audition for him if no one does then I'm.either gonna make up a characterbor just use perrie as his love interest .... Okay girls please email me so we can discuss a few things. My email is Thank you for audition also these girls stories are really good each and everyone of them.I am a.fam and you will be too once you read the first chapter... Please go and.check each ad.everyone of there novellas out they worked really hard.on it as well as I DoD with mine .. I will have a.mother contest soon so stay tooned . And keep calm and keep reading as well as keep come and love one direction ...
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