telling him the truth

Kyle Mercer-Tomlinson has been married to her husband Louis tomlinson for 5 years they have known each other since she was 2 years old considering he use to babysit her when she was little. When kyle was 16. Years something terrible happened to her and she hasnt told a soul not even Louis what happens when her past comes back to haunt her follow kyle and Louis journey as an epic World wind accurs in there lives will they still be strong and stay a married couple or will they dirft apart from all the lies and.disceat. and even murder ?


1. 1.1 its the same day just different events are accuring /finally telling

Louis P.O.V


I was on the phone with the boys, we were planning kyle’s birthday party my wife was going to be 21 today and im so happy she is legal . We decided to have the party at harry’s flat considering he had the largest backyard . We were inviting everyone that was close to kyle and the best part about the planning is that she had no idea we are doing this . But im kind of worried because one she hates surprises .(thinking about the last time we threw a surprise for her ) and the other reason is lately she has been acting stange and distant lately and when I mean distant I mean staying in the guest bedroom and she seems nervous every time I come around her . She has never really done that before , we have always been lovey dovey with each other and now it just doesn’t feel right . I tried talking to her but all she tells me is that she is fine . As I was talking to harry and liam ,kyle had came in to the room and I told the boys I had to go and ill see them later and to text me if they need anything . After hanging up the phone kyle motioned herself over to me and sat down on the couch beside me . When she sat down I could tell that something was wrong and bothering her ,ive know kyle for 17 years and ive been married to her for 5 years and I can definitely tell when her mood changes or the little things she does when she has to tell me something . While im looking at her she is looking down at her hands while they are playing with her . I sign alittle and I place my thumb underneath her chin and lifted her head up so she can look at me with her big brown eyes and said “ whats wrong babe “ “babe do you have anything planned today like a interview or an event today ?” im thinking besides your surprise birthday party no but I don’t tell that “ no babe I don’t have anything planned with the boys today but we do have to be something at 3 o clock why do you ask ?”As she is cocking her eyebrow probably thinking of where we have to be she suddenly releases it and starts talking again . I smirk alittle as to how she is so naïve when it comes to remembering her birthday and I know she thinks I forgot but I didn’t . I have been planning this for weeks and nothing was going to ruin her 21st birthday . while thinking I suddenly came back to reality when I heard her speaking “ okay there’s 2 places I would like to take you today are you willing to go with me . ?” As im thinking about the time and look at the clock it is only 10:05am we should have plenty of time right . “ I never could say no to kyle with our 5 years of marriage she have never been disloyal to me except in the bedroom . if anything she has been as supportive to me and keeping me grounded and im having to have her on my side then to have her as a enemy . In case your wondering about the bedroom remark me and kyle haven’t had sex not once since weve been married . Yes we kiss and make out like every other couple but everytime we get intimate or to where I want more she back out and tells me some excuse either she has to work or she is sleepy . We had sex once and that was when she was 16 and I was 18 years old and that was 3 years ago . God I miss her touch and just thinking about it was making wanting her even more . “ STOP IT LOU “ “Louis?” “ yes ky” I got back to reality after think about our first time “ I said can we go now our appointment is @ 10:45am I don’t want to be late . She got up from me and grabbed the keys from the jar on the stand in our living room and made her way to the door . I don’t ask questions even though im curious to where we are going and why today of all days . Even though Kyle doesn’t like celebrating her birthday I love to because im thanking her and god for one ky being in my life and two god creating her I know she is the one for me . We have been threw a lot especially with the boys and me being on x-factor and us not seeing each other that much it was hard and then the secret that I know of that she doesn’t think I know . I got off the sofa and put on my red toms and grabbed my phone and keys from the same stand that ky got her keys from and headed out the door .

Kyle 's P.O.V.

As im waiting for my husband to come out of our flat I start thinking im finally ready to tell him what happened to me and why I have been so distant to him around this time every year . The appointment that I set up will either help or break our marriage and im scared to death . I have known Louis my whole life and I don’t know where I would be if he wasn’t in my life . I probably would either be dead or somewhere else and im blessed that im not in either of those situations . My thinking about my past this particular event that im struggling from took place 5 years ago on my 16 birthday . I know what your thinking I should have told him what happened the moment it happened but I didn’t want anyone to know and til this day no one knows except for my bestfriend mollie who is dating our bestfriend Niall Horan and he knows only because mollie is married to niall and she doesnt keep anything from him . EVER . Good wife . I love my husband ,I know he is being patient with me with waiting to have sex but after what happened I get so freaked out and im feel so disgusted with myself and I also feel like he feels the same way I do . Sometimes I wonder if he didn’t believe in staying married and working out our issues would he leave me for someone else . While I was in a train of thought I was suddenly pulled back to real life when I heard the door and the signal meaning the car door was opening . I panicked alittle and looked and saw it was only Louis . I relaxed and started the car I pull out of our drive way and drive to our appointment . As I am driving I am silently praying to god hoping that everything will go well and letting him know I will never keep anything from my husband ever again .

Author's Note

So my luvly carrot tops just a few things . 1.) This is a story I had written awhile ago but stopped because I thought it wouldn’t make since with my speech problem . so I would like your opinion on wheather or not I should continue or delete it . 2.) What do you think kyle is hiding from Louis and is it a good ,bad or both thing ? and lastly 3.) Where do you think kyle is taking Louis ? 4.) If you guess right or close to it I will give you a shout out in the next chapter which should be posted on next Thursday . So please follow ,comment ,like ,favorite ,and pass around . Thanks –Xoxo nialler’s twin .

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