Falling in love at first sight

Your parents buy you and your friends One Direction tickets.. the day of the concert you decide to get really early but once you spot a black van arriving you see the 5 british -irish boy band Liam winks at you when you look at him.. then Paulmbrings you guys backstage to meet the guys and al of a sudden Liam starts flirting with you ,,,, and Harry and Zayn fall in love with your friends .,, Keep reading to find out more


6. Tweet

[Stephanie's POV]


'Are you ready to go to the van babe', I heard Liam say to you! "

'Yeah ' I reply back , Harry and Bree we're holding hands it was quite unusual. Lea and Zayn had their legs intertwined something you wouldn't see. I decided to go on Twitter and send both of them a Direct Message,

'So what's happening between you and Zayn ' you press send

"ugh Bree holding hands with Harry nobody sees that everyday" SEND

I didn't notice that Liam was looking at what I was doing, "I know right " I heard Liam whisper in my ear" I just smile to him when he said that. All of a sudden he just grabs my phone. I was looking at what he was doing he search he's name and of course I was already following him .Liam unfollows himself from my Twitter and he press the follow button . Liam's phone vibrates . I read "@StephanieSandov" follows you on twitter . Liam clicks on it and presses follow . Liam hands me my phone , my phone vibrates and it read

@Real_Liam_Payne follows you on twitter

I knew Liam was typing something cause you know when someone types you could hear the little sound ...

I decided to go on Liam's profile on twitter . He recently just tweeted something it said ,

"Met a really nice, BEAUTIFULLLL girl 2dayyyy, <3

was Liam talking about me Nah he met a lot of girls today and of course prettier girls than me . I taught to myself .

We finally arrived at the hotel, there was a lot of paparazzi and a lot of fans. It was pretty LOUD & kinda annoying .. though .

"Do you guys actually handle all this " I heard Bree call out.

"Are you surprised " Harry said.



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