Falling in love at first sight

Your parents buy you and your friends One Direction tickets.. the day of the concert you decide to get really early but once you spot a black van arriving you see the 5 british -irish boy band Liam winks at you when you look at him.. then Paulmbrings you guys backstage to meet the guys and al of a sudden Liam starts flirting with you ,,,, and Harry and Zayn fall in love with your friends .,, Keep reading to find out more



today was the day that you we're finally going to meet your idols One Direction . you and your friends decided to go 6 hours early .so maybe you get to see the boys and have a conversation with them and take pictures with them , but you knew that wasn't going to happen but you never know .The concert was at Staples Center it was 2 hours from we're you live. There wasn't alot of people there . there we're about 10 girls already there. You and your friends decided to take pictures of the banners and etc. You and your friends spot a black van .You decidedto keep eye contact with the van . You see 5 british-irish boys come out . Once you knew it Liam payne starred at you you couldn't help but blush and then he WINK  at YOU and you smile at the ground .You taught for a minute was LIAM JAMES PAYNE trying to flirt with you . you kept thinking and thinking . when you turned around there we're about millions of girls behind you guys.It was 2 hours before the concert started . There we're girls coming and coming every single minute/second.the bodyguards let everyone in 1 hour early .  Bree , Lea  AND yourself finally found your seats they we're in the very front you could literally touch the stage . You and your friends started talking . You taught of something and decided to tell Bree and Lea . Bree I bet when you see Harry you're gonna jump on stage and start kissing him . Bree was smiling like and idiot  and blushing thinkin g about it and Lea smiled and said I dare you Bree ' You stopped the conversation and said NO people are gonna think we're freaks and besides you dont want to get kick of the concert.
 [Lea's POV ]
Hey Stephanie what are you gonna do when you see Liam . Stephanie andswered ' Umm I 'm  gonna wink back at him Bree was looking all around the place . Then suddenly she started yelling HI ME AND Stephanie we're wondering  what was she doing
[Bree's POV]

OH MY FUCKING GOD you guys there's my future husband HARRY STYLES  . Lea said whoah he's actually cuter in person. WHOAH BACK OFF MY MAN GIRL YOU HAVE ZAYN MALIK AND I HAVE MY HARRY STYLES SO NO ONE I MEAN NO ONE WILL TAKE MY MAN ' i said to Lea .
You didn't expect the concert to finally be here the countdown was already here The concert was gonna start in 5 minutes everyone started screaming ONE DIRECTION . once you knew it the concert was gonna start in 10 seconds 10 - 9 -8 -7-6-5-4-3-2-1 BOOM lights flash confetti falls . Five Brithish/Irish boys started singing One thing . You started singing along .You couldn't help but yell I LOVE YOU LIAM JAMES PAYNE . you taught that he wouldn't hear you because all the firls are screaming .Liam was looking all over trying to find who said that .THE concert was almost over the guys sand ' What Makes You Beautiful' .Liam started the song .Once you knew it Liam was standing infront of you , starring at you , singing to you He smile at you and you smile at the ground and that very moment when you smile at the ground te lyric 'BUT WHEN YOU SMILE AT THE GROUND IT IN HARD TO TELL . you looked up and Liam winked at you AGAIN . you we're just blushing . The concert was over you had an amazing time . You jump of scareness because someone touch your shoulder IT WAS ..........

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