Falling in love at first sight

Your parents buy you and your friends One Direction tickets.. the day of the concert you decide to get really early but once you spot a black van arriving you see the 5 british -irish boy band Liam winks at you when you look at him.. then Paulmbrings you guys backstage to meet the guys and al of a sudden Liam starts flirting with you ,,,, and Harry and Zayn fall in love with your friends .,, Keep reading to find out more


8. secrets

Stephanie's POV Liam said to come with him. Wait behind me while I take pictures, Liam said.This one girl ask me "Are you and Liam dating? No I replied back .well you guys would make a cute couple "the girl replied back I just smile awkardly because Liam was smiling and hearing the conversation while he was signing autographs! Paparazzi kept asking Liam if me and him were dating "Are you and the girl dating " one paparazzi ask Liam just ignore them he was holding my waist while you guys were walking inside the hotel . Zayn's POV I don't know when to tell Lea how I feel about her I know we just met today but I think I fell inlove with her. But you know what everyone says "Falling In Love At First Sight" .but something in my mind tells me thag were going to be together for a log time and probably forever ! I want to really make a move right now infront of everyone "Ummmm ......Lea.........I ....uhh........need...to tell ...you something I know we just ..., ummm. You kmow met today but..but... I think I ..... ummmm..... you know.... like you ., or probably love you .... I know we met today butni believe in falling inlove at firstsight!! "So will you honor to be MY girlfriend " Yess Lea replied! Stephanie's POV Liam finish taking pictures and signing autographs .we all finally went inside the hotel each of the boys have a different room .Niall went in his room Louis in his Zayn with Lea Harry with Breeand Liam and me went into his room .Liam handed me some pair of boxers and a t-shirt to wear so I could be more comfartable."Do you want to watch a movie "? Liam ask me "Umm yes" I rreplied .yelling so he could hear you from the bathroom Liam came out wearing the same boxers and the t-shirt. Liam went out and knocked on Louis door Louis came out eating a Orange. "Stephanie come here "Liam said I got up fromvthe bed and walked out I heard Liam askig Louis to take a pictures of you and Liam wearing the same boxers and t-shirt.. Louis took the picture he took about 5 or 6 pictures.Liam of course decided to take upload a picture to instagram and Twitter. A lot of the fans were asking "who's that girl" is she your girlfriend" I was gettig so many notifications from Twitter from new followers and new mentions asking if I was dating Liam you didn't reply back to any of them but I kept getting them ."So what movie do you want to watch "Liam ask Umm well I have a suggestion thay you might like " I said smiling at him And what might that suggestion be "Liam said smiling back at me "Well we should have a Toy Story marathon we could but we could also watch some scary movies.. "Umm alright " Me and Lia well mostly Liam decided to watch the Ring ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AUTHOR'S NOTE SORRY I HAVEN'T UPLOADED IN A LONGHH TIME I BEEN REALLY BUSY LATELY WITH DANCING , MODELING CLASSES, ACTING CLASSES, AND ESPECIALLY SCHOOL

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