Falling in love at first sight

Your parents buy you and your friends One Direction tickets.. the day of the concert you decide to get really early but once you spot a black van arriving you see the 5 british -irish boy band Liam winks at you when you look at him.. then Paulmbrings you guys backstage to meet the guys and al of a sudden Liam starts flirting with you ,,,, and Harry and Zayn fall in love with your friends .,, Keep reading to find out more


1. Best News

You screamed of joy knowing that your finally going ton a One Direction concert. You thanked your parents sooo many times.knowing that your finally going to meet your idols 1D and the best part is that your gonna be in the very front right were the stage is .. the vert next day you and your friends go tovthe mal tovbuy an outfit tovwear... the concert is not till 3 months ... you guys were looking something cute to wear you decided to go with a dress like akways ,, the dress you pick is a peach color its simple and cute and it has a bow at the at the back ....'stephanie"your friend Lea yells ."what do you think about this "it's cute ", you yell back You all found something comfartable to wear You and your friends decided to have a sleepover at your house .. "Stephanie honey come downstairs",, your  mom yelled  from downstairsyou hurry your mom said to look at the  tv  you look at see One Direction you scream of joy you stoo screaming into your throat starred to hurt really bad .. it was an interview of the boyz .. Ryan Secrest was asking gettin to the last question for the interview.. he was asking each of the boys what they look into  a girl .. Liam was next  .. you need it to hear this soo you tokd everyone to be quite.. aha of course you had to hearhear thisnLiam was your favorite lets just saynhe is your favorite Well what I look into a girl is their personality, smile, eyes, .. , Liam said .. Ryan ended the interview  you were soo happy for what Liam said.. even though you would never have a chamce with him you were still soo happy





_____________3 months had pass by _________

The concert wasss finally here .......

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