Falling in love at first sight

Your parents buy you and your friends One Direction tickets.. the day of the concert you decide to get really early but once you spot a black van arriving you see the 5 british -irish boy band Liam winks at you when you look at him.. then Paulmbrings you guys backstage to meet the guys and al of a sudden Liam starts flirting with you ,,,, and Harry and Zayn fall in love with your friends .,, Keep reading to find out more



okay guys I'm really sorry if I haven't been updating the thing is I'm waiting to get more viewers. Like at least 50 or 60 viewers and so far I have 43 viewers it would mean a lot to me if you guys help me gain fans, viewers




Spread the words out and recently yesterday Talia die it was the saddest news I ever receive in my entire life she was such and inspiration to me and so many other people..


and also if you want to have personal touch on my webs. like instagram ,twitter and ask.fm  I'll leave the description here .


instagram------ http://instagram.com/princess_penelope_624


ask.fm----- http://ask.fm/account/questions 



so yeah my instagram is private just send me the request and I promise I'll accept it thank you and for not updating like I promise tomorrow when I wake up I will be updating 2 new chapter !!!!!



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