One Direction Imagines

Just some imagines cause I'm bored!! :):):) They do not necessarily have to do with one direction though


3. Elin & Harry

Hello, this is the voicemail of Harry Styles. Please leave a message after the beep.

          Elin sighed. The cool wind of the park was chilling, but all that she cared about was getting a hold of Harry. Sure, he's part of a very large boyband and he is very busy, but the least he can do is send her a text!

          What if he finally caught up to the fact that he can do a hundred times better than me?! What if this was his way of breaking up with me? She thought in her head.

          Even though the park was full of happy sounds, Elin felt a tear slowly go down my face. Soon, she was full out sobbing, with snot going down her face as well as tears. This was it, he was going to dump her butt on the street.

         "Excuse me?" An American accent from behind her. She turned around, feeling self-concience about her current state.

          "Y-yes?" Elin managed to get out through trembling lips.

          "May I ask what or who has made you feel like this?" She knew she shouldn't be talking to this stranger, but she didn't care.

          "I'm p-pretty sure t-t-that my b-boyfriend is breaking up w-w-with me!" Elin burst. She looked up at him to see eyes that were the exact same emerald green that Harry's eyes are.

           "What would make you think that?" Was it just her, or did his American accent slip there? Maybe she shouldn't be talking about this to someone who hides an accent, and maybe for a good reason.

          "I didn't quite catch your name." She pointed out in an accusing tone.

          "That's 'cause I didn't give it." That accent was definetly not American, and he was definetly suspicious.

          If anything, that voice sounded just like Harry's voice. The same deep, slow, dreamy voice- no! I mentally slapped myself. I have to quit thinking noticing those type of things. After all, he couldn't be bothered to send a text.

          She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice the stranger take off his fake glasses and mustache. He took off his beanie to reveal soft brown waves.

          "Harry?" Erin gasped.

          Harry gave her a smile that she felt all the way down to her toes. "Babe? I have something to ask you."

          Erin eagerly nodded her head with wide eyes. Those wide eyes got wider as Harry got down on one knee. He took out a small velvet box and opened it to reveal a small silver band with a simple diamond on the center.

          "Will you marry me? I'm sorry that the ring is so small, but it perfectly describes you, with it being so simple and small, just like you. Not that you're simple! You're beautifu-" Harry nervously rambled. His rambling was interrupted by a passionate kiss from Elin. The smell of Harry's cologne filled her nose and she similed against the kiss . "Is that a yes?" Harry asked when they broke away, breathless from the kiss.

"Yes!" Elin exclaimed, all her worries from earlier gone like the morning clouds to reveal a blue sky.

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