5 Mysteries

My name is Michelle Lane but everyone calls me mitchy, and im obesessed with one direction. My favorite is niall horan. Michelle cant believe she turned 18 so she can go to a one direction concer, her bestfriend peyton staub got two back stage passes to one direction. There so exited until michelle and peyton see strange things going on with the five mysterious boys.


3. Zayn picks.... Peyton:

Zayn POV:

after what Harry and Liam said that I had to pick well I said ok I was shy and a bit nervous but I picked. I starred at the crows of girls and I picked a girl with blonde hair she looks pretty she was wearing a one direction dress like her friend that is next to her. I told Liam and I pointed to her and said you and she started to point at herself and I shook my head saying yes. She was surprised and walked on stage I hugged her I could tell I was her favorite then I saw she had a meet and greet pass. I then speaker on the microphone who else has a meet and greet pass if there is only two well we will spend more time with them in meet and greet the only other person who raised her hand was her friend she has brown hair. I said we'll spend more time with you. Then I told the girl on stage what was her name she said peyton I said wow pretty name. I grabbed her hand and took her to the table and sat her down and I sat next to her. I started to like her I think. 

Peyton POV:

I can't believe he picked me and were sitting in the table next to each other. After a bit of Liam talking, I saw zayn'sprincess hand coming up to my leg and because I had a dress on it was going to feel wierd, then I feel his hand on my hand like massaging it and going upper and I turn around to see zayn. He was smirking. Then he whispered to me,love are you liking the show. " I said yeah I am" but could you please move you're hand he said can't do that. I said we'll then ill take it off for you and I take his hand of my leg. He said why don't you let me touch your leg, I said because I just don't like it. He puts his hand on my leg, he is not listining he didint listen to what I just said. This time I didint take of his hand, but he went higher and higher. I didn't know what to do then I get up from the table and go back off stage then zayn calls security to bring me back on I said he'll no. Then while there bringing me back on niall said I will choose another girl.


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