5 Mysteries

My name is Michelle Lane but everyone calls me mitchy, and im obesessed with one direction. My favorite is niall horan. Michelle cant believe she turned 18 so she can go to a one direction concer, her bestfriend peyton staub got two back stage passes to one direction. There so exited until michelle and peyton see strange things going on with the five mysterious boys.


4. Niall Picks..... Mitchy:

Mitchy POV:

I bet Niall isint going to pick me I thought in my head, but once he points at me, I let out a shriek and went up to the stage. They were singing best song ever, they told us to sing but we didn't so we just stood there. Then we all went to sit on the table. "Lets throw food to the crowd " Niall said. Then there was a big food fight with the crowd and on stage. Then I feel something on my leg. I look under the table and it was nialls hand. He Wasint looking so I thought he was doing that not on purpose. He then saw and took of his hand and said sorry. " it's alright I whispered to him" he just smiled. Then when we least expect the concert was over. We had to go back off stage. Then I see Louis mouthing come back up you're already backs stage so come with us. " let's go" I screamed at Peyton because the other girls were screaming so loud. The security's let us go because Louis was there. One girl pulled our hair back and said give us the back stage passes so we can meet them br Louis helped us get on, and he told the security's to kick her out. We talked to them and talked and also they talked and talked to us. But then we had to go. I told Peyton I had to go to the bathroom if she can wait for me outside she said sure. After I was done I went outside to meet Payton. We were walking when we hear voices and a girl scream. We followed the voice to meet a window, We saw and it were the boys from one direction. They had red eyes now and... Fangs? They were sucking on the poor girls neck. Then they throw her on the ground and Liam says I want to drink the other two girls blood, zayn says I want Peyton's but not kill her, make her into a vampire. I want mitchys blood said Niall. Then I tell Peyton let's go she got really slowly from the chair but when I got off I made a large noise. I told Peyton in a whisper pretend we didint listen to nothing we were just looking for them because we got lost. Then there door opened, I said we were looking for you guys we got lost. Harry said oh really. Yeah Peyton told him. Nialls and zayn eyes were the only ones reds and with fangs. Then Liam says hurry Niall and zayn. That's when they run to us and suck on our neck. I moaned a bit because it hurt. That's when I saw a blurred light. Then it was all black.

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