5 Mysteries

My name is Michelle Lane but everyone calls me mitchy, and im obesessed with one direction. My favorite is niall horan. Michelle cant believe she turned 18 so she can go to a one direction concer, her bestfriend peyton staub got two back stage passes to one direction. There so exited until michelle and peyton see strange things going on with the five mysterious boys.


5. Chapter 5:

Mitchy POV:

I woke up to the pounding in my head. I got up from the bed where I was. My neck hurt so much. I found Peyton sleeping on the bed I was in. I wake her up. She stood up and faced me. We went downstairs. We saw the one direction boys. " I guess they woke up " zayn said and came next to Peyton. Harry whispered something to Louis. Then Louis said ok show me you're teeth, both of you. Peyton showed him her teeth. They were normal but a minute passed and a fangs grew. I opened mine and waited for a minute but nothing happened. " close you're eyes then open them really fast " Louis said. Peyton did that and her eyes turned red. I did the same thing but nothing happened. EVRYONE was staring at me. Harry said to Niall, you didn't bite her well. Niall came over and checked my neck. He bit into my neck once more. It hurt allot. He got of me. My teeth soon hurt. Fangs came out. My eyes turned red. Harry said they. Look hungry lets teach them how to hunt for animals. I said no I love animals. " we'll too bad " Louis said. "Yeah we'll go later" zayn and Niall said. They took our hands and zayn and Peyton went to a different room. I went with Niall. He tied me up in a bed. He got,on top of me and kissed me and took of my clothes. I screamed. He took of his clothes. I moaned in pleasure. He stuck his thing into me. After a while he took it out and got off me, and untied me. I told him if I can get pregnant if I'm a vampire. He said yeah but it's more painful giving birth to a vampire baby, and if you get pregnant you're stomach will grow in a week, and the baby can be born in a month. That is how it works. " how do I know if I'm pregnant " I told him. " we will wait until next week" he told me. " ok " I told him back. 

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