5 Mysteries

My name is Michelle Lane but everyone calls me mitchy, and im obesessed with one direction. My favorite is niall horan. Michelle cant believe she turned 18 so she can go to a one direction concer, her bestfriend peyton staub got two back stage passes to one direction. There so exited until michelle and peyton see strange things going on with the five mysterious boys.


2. Chapter 2:

Mitchy POV:

I was getting ready for the one direction concert because Peyton was going to pick me up at 6:55 I live close to the arena so yeah we wouldn't be late that much. I checked the clock again it was 6:34, I had to hurry up. I took a shower. After the shower I wrapped the towel around my body and hair and brushed my teeth. After that I went to my room, and took out the clothes I was going to wear, we'll I went and bought myself a one direction dress yesterday when Peyton told me she had tickets. ( the dress is on top )

After I checked on my iPhone 5 what time It was it was 6:45. Oh great I still had time to go and eat. I went downstairs and made pankake batter, even though its late I still love making myself pancakes. After I poured pankake batter on the pan that had butter on it. After 5 pancakes, (I love my pancakes), I made 5 more pancakes for Peyton she loves pancakes as much as I do. Then I went upstairs really fast because I forgot to put makeup on. After I put my makeup on I put my accessories on, and called Peyton. Se said she was on her way I said ok but can I seep over at you're house today my mom let me. She said sure. I said ok thanks, then we hanged up, and I started to pack some of my clothes into a bag. I went down stairs and said bye to my mom and gave me the 600 dollers. I went outside letting me find Peyton about to knock on the door she was wearing the same dress as me just different color. She said hi let's go I said " ok alright she said ill sit in the back with you, I said ok" then I told her my mom gave me 600 bucks for the both of us to get V.I.P tickets she said ok thanks and takes the half so it was 300 and 300. When we got there Peyton's mom said she was going to pick us up when we call her. Peyton said bye and kissed her on the check to her mom, I just said bye, and with that she left and we waked into the earena where one direction Is going to be. We could just walk in but because my mom gave us money to buy meet and greet them we have to wait in line. It Wasint that long of a line, so that was the good thing. There was only 4 people in front of the line, but we had to hurry up because the concert was going to start. People in the back of us were hurrying up too. When we got the desk, there was a man there and said what kind of tickets do you want we said well we have front row tickets but we want meet and greet tickets, he said " we'll you won't have to pay that much it is only 65 dollers, were in low budget right now" I said ok thank you and he gave us the tickets and we gave him the money. When we got inside it was so big, (me and Peyton had to wear the VIP necklaces in our neck), and we hurried up because we were all the way in front. When me and Peyton got to our spot we were waiting for everything and EVRYONE to get installed in their spots. After EVRYONE got installed in thief spots, security's went on each edge of the stage" I told Peyton look up on the screen she said wow they are coming. On the screen that is on top of the stage it said we are inviting you for a diner and it said more then there was a table in the middle and the screen said we're here and they walked out people were screaming, even me and Peyton. Then liam said well hello to you too we said hello back. I saw Niall staring at me and Peyton, he then waved at me because Peyton Wasint paying attention to him so I waved back and he smiled. Then they started to sing what makes you beautiful. After some songs Harry said why don't we pull a girl up here, Liam said yeah why don't we. Harry said why don't we let zayn pick.

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