5 Mysteries

My name is Michelle Lane but everyone calls me mitchy, and im obesessed with one direction. My favorite is niall horan. Michelle cant believe she turned 18 so she can go to a one direction concer, her bestfriend peyton staub got two back stage passes to one direction. There so exited until michelle and peyton see strange things going on with the five mysterious boys.


1. Chapter 1:

Oh my god, really i said to my bestfriend peyton staub" over the phone she said yeah mitchy ( real name mitchel lane ), oh my god you have two tickets to their concert. She said yeah my mom will drop us off at the one direction concert tommorow, I literally screamed then I said ok it's at 7:00 right she said yeah then we both said bye over the phone. I started to think about how I was going to tell my mom I hope she lets me. I didint have a dad he left when I was eight years old. I didint like my dad, because he always raped me when my mom went out to the store or something. But I got that out of my mind when I got to my mom I asked her she said no then I kept on begging until she said yes then I went to hug her then she said when does the concert start and when is it I told her then she said ok then she said and if you want to you can go sleep over at Peyton's house after the concert.  I said thank you thank you thank you over again she said take youre iPhone 5 with you ok I said yeah mom then she said here is 600 dollars 300 for you and 300 for Peyton so you can get backstage passes. I told her but Peyton has the tickets already then she said you can buy backstage tickets still there really cheap right now I said ok thanks mom then I went to my room and started to think about how I'm going to meet the funny boy Niall Horan and Peyton is going to meet the bad boi zayn malik I'm so exited for tommorow.

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