Met by Desperation?

Alexis loves one direction. And when I say love, I mean gets angry when people talk about them. She loves them, but Niall has her heart(Not Really). But she wants to meet him really bad. So she goes on this on this website. And meets Niall. Not fake but real Niall. Obviously like all love story's they fall in love but will it last? With all the drama coming their way. Can Alexis handle the pressure or will she break it off? Or will she go through it and fight the one she truly wants.


21. Post-it notes


                                                                            Chapter 21.

 When I woke up everyone was gone and the T.V was off, I sat up very slowly. I saw a note, some painkillers and a water bottle on the coffee table. The not said:

  Hey Princess, I decided to go out and get you some Ice-Cream and your favorite movie.

I left you some paine killers and water on the table, I have a surprise for you. But to find it you have to follow Post-it notes on the floor. They lead somewhere, you'll love it.

                                                                                                            Love Always,


I looked at the ground, post-it notes? I took my painkillers and followed the notes, they started at the coffee table. As I followed them they led upstairs to his room. There was a post-it note on the door it said "Open the door". So I opened the door, then it led to his bathroom in his room. I stopped at the door and opened it, there were candles lit and it really good. It smelled like vanilla, There was a note on the mirror that said,"You found it, now the jacuzzi is already running. I'll be home in a few minuets. Fill it up with lots of bubbles!(: I might just get in with you(; Your bathing suit is hinging on the rack. Have fun! Love you." I  couldn't believe he did this all for me, I got out my phone and pressed shuffle and set it down. I got undressed and put my bathing suit on, I put my clothes in the hamper. I put a lot of soap in the Jacuzzi/tub so a lot of bubbles would be in the I sat down and started singing with my music.

About ten minuets I heard the front door open, then I heard someone open the bedroom door. I was kinda scared, what if it isn't Niall, "Niall? Is that you?", I said. The person didn't answer back I was getting really scared, The person was getting closer to the door. I'm pretty sure my heart is beating irregular, I was really scared. The all of a sudden the door flew open,"Rawr!!",Niall screamed. I jumped and screamed, he started busting up laughing. "That's not funny Niall! You scared the crap out of me!", I said. He stopped laughing, "I'm sorry babe don't be mad.", he said. He thought I was mad? I'm not,"I'm not mad, but you just scared me.", I said. He came over to me, "Well I'm sorry I wont do it again I promise.", he said he kissed on the forehead. He started taking off his clothes, "What are you doing?", I asked. "Well I'm about to get in with you.", he said. He took his clothes off and changed in his swimming trunks.

He got in with and sat across from me, it was weird. But we both just stared at each other,"So what movie did you get?", I asked him knowing the answer. "Nemo! And I got chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.", he said. i laughed,"You're super adorable.", I said. His face got serious, "You know I have to go on tour in a week right?", he said. I got really sad but I tried to hide it, "Yeah I know", I said. "I know your sad, but I just want you to know I talked to all the other lads girlfriends and I told them you weren't gonna be used to it so I asked them to try and spend time with you and heather.", he said. "You didn't have to do that, I'm a big girl Niall I can take care of myself.", I said. We kinda just stared at each other in the eyes, "I know, but I know you Alexis. You try to stay strong even when you're hurt. And it's gonna break you up inside while I'm gone. I'll be gone for three months. So I'm going to spend as much time as I can with you.", he said. "I promise I won't let it tear me up now let's not talk about okay?", I asked. "Okay princess, let's go watch that movie.", he said.

We got and dried off, We put some clothes on. I put Niall's shirt and sweats on. He just put some basket-ball shorts on. We downstairs and got ice-cream and put the movie in. "Alexis why are always trying to be cheerful with people even though your sad. ?It's okay to cry once in a while.", he said. I took a deep breather,"Well once upon a time a little fish taught to just keep swimming. So I've just always told myself that if i let myself break in front of people, the whole line of us "Just swimming" is gonna jumble up. I don't want that to happen, so i just keep swimming.", I said. He didn't say anything, he just hugged really tight. He let go and we ate our ice-cream and watched the movie.

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