Met by Desperation?

Alexis loves one direction. And when I say love, I mean gets angry when people talk about them. She loves them, but Niall has her heart(Not Really). But she wants to meet him really bad. So she goes on this on this website. And meets Niall. Not fake but real Niall. Obviously like all love story's they fall in love but will it last? With all the drama coming their way. Can Alexis handle the pressure or will she break it off? Or will she go through it and fight the one she truly wants.


9. Idea



 Niall woke me up, "Alexis we're here.", he said smiling at me. "Where are we and why are you smiling at me like that?", I asked. "We're at my flat, well house. And your just so cute.", he said. "Where is everybody? And my stuff it's still at Liam's.", I said. "Everyone went back to Liam's and I decided to come back home with you. And I had them stop by the house so I could get your stuff. Come on lets go inside." We started walking up the path to his door. He unlocked it and we walked in, It was really nice. Actually seemed like no one lived here. "We didn't have to come here. We could have stayed with everyone and thank you for getting my stuff. You're the best boyfriend ever!" He laughed, "Well I wanted to come here with you.", he said. "Well okay then.", I replied.

I got my phone out my pocket and dialed mom. "Hello?", she said. "Hey mom just wanted to let you in on a couple things." I was gonna tell her about Niall and I that I'll be here till Sunday night. "You and Niall are dating and your gonna stay until tomorrow night?", she asked. How the hell did she know? "How did you know that?" "You're my daughter, I can sense it. Well have fun. BE SAFE. Love you bye.", she hung up. What just happened? Whatever. "What did your mom say about us?", he asked. "She already knew, Quote what she said you're my daughter, I can sense it. Have fun. Be safe. Love you bye, then she hung up.",I said. "Be safe? Are we gonna have sex?", he asked. He started wiggling his eyebrows. I laughed. "I don't know we'll see.",I said. We just started laughing.

"Hey babe wanna watch Nemo?", he asked. "Oh my goodness yes!" He got up and put it in and pressed play. He sat down, "Get up.", he said. Uhmm okay? I got up. "Now sit on me.", he said. "No", I replied. I don't feel comfortable doing that. Not that I don't want to I'm just really heavy. "Why not? Alexis Dammit sit on my lap, you're not heavy." I did as I was told and I sat on him. "See you're not heavy. I told you.", he said. "Yeah,Yeah just watch the movie." "Wait want some popcorn?",he asked. "Yes please and some water would be lovely.",I replied. I got up so he could before  he walked off he kissed me on the cheek. I sat down and watched the movie. He came back with a bowl of popcorn and a water bottle. I got up, he sat down and I sat on him. And we just watched the movie, ate our popcorn and cuddled.

About halfway through the movie Niall said," So I have an Idea for you and I.", he said. I looked at him. "About?" " Well I wanna take you on a date." "Oh I'd love that.", I said. "Really? You don't think It's stupid?", he said.  "Why would I think that? Where are we gonna go?", I asked. "Oh I don't know and that's for me to know and you to find out." "That's not fair!", I said. "Oh but it is really fair.", he said. "Fine, but you owe me." "What do I owe you?", he asked. "Ten kisses and extra one for luck." "Okay if you insist", he said. "One" *kiss* "Two" *kiss* "Three" *kiss* "Four" *Kiss* "Five" *Kiss* "Six" *Kiss* "Seven" *Kiss* "Eight" *Kiss* "Nine" *Kiss* "Ten" *Kiss* "And one for good luck." *Kiss*.

" You paid it off, Now your off the hook.", I said. "Oh, but now you owe me!", he said. "What do I owe Thee?", I asked. "Say Niall Horan is my sexy leprechaun boyfriend.", he said. I started busting up laughing. "Niall Horan is my sexy leprechaun boyfriend.", I said. Then I kissed him and pulled away, "You really are my sexy leprechaun.", I said and we started laughing and looked back at the movie.

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