Met by Desperation?

Alexis loves one direction. And when I say love, I mean gets angry when people talk about them. She loves them, but Niall has her heart(Not Really). But she wants to meet him really bad. So she goes on this on this website. And meets Niall. Not fake but real Niall. Obviously like all love story's they fall in love but will it last? With all the drama coming their way. Can Alexis handle the pressure or will she break it off? Or will she go through it and fight the one she truly wants.


18. H+H=<3


                                                                        Chapter 18.

                                                                         Heather's P.O.V

 I didn't even have time to react he just kissed me. Not even kiss we were full on making out, but hey whatever. I started kissing him back, as much as I'm not a fan of PDA I couldn't stop I wanted this forever. It got to a point where Alexis pulled us apart, "I said make out not have sex.", she said. I blushed, I could feel my face burning with heat. She started laughing,:Oh heather I'm just joking you know I love you.", she said. "Yeah, Yeah whatever.", I said. "Okay guys I'm done playing goal achieved.", she said. "Goal achieved?", Harry and I said in unison. "Our plan as in all of us, was to get you two to kiss. And I did so I'm done playing, You're very welcome heather.", she said. I wasn't surprised I started laughing, I took out my phone and checked the time. It was already 3:00?! I have to be home in thirty minuets, "Alexis we have to go now.", I said. "Why? You don't have to be home till 3:30 it's-", she started pulling out her phone.

She checked the time, "Shit! It's 3:00 already. Call your mom and ask her if you can stay at my house and I'll drop you off tomorrow at noon.", she said. She knew my mom as well as I did, I highly doubt it but might as well try. I got out my phone and called my mom. "Hey mom can I stay the night as lexi's. She said she'll drop me off at noon.", I said. "No heaven. You said you'd be here by 3:30".", she said. "Please Mom I haven't hung out with her in forever.", I said. She hesitated, I looked at lexi, "Fine but you better be here by 12:00.", she said. I was so happy, "Kay bye mom i love you.", I said. I didn't giver her time to reply hung up. "You get to stay here with me!", she said. Wait we're staying here?! "But I have nowhere to sleep.", I said. She looked at Niall, he nodded his head yes. "Fine we'll go to my house. You're lucky I love you.", she said.

Harry looked at me kinda sad, "Can I have your number?", he asked. "Sure", I replied. We traded phones and put our numbers in there. I looked at Lexi, of course her and Niall were kissing. "Jeez lexi you'll see him again.", I said. Everyone started laughing,"Alright, alright. Bye guys!", she said. Niall walked to the door with us, "Bye babe I love.", he said. "Bye love you too.", she replied. They pecked eachother on the lips. "Bye heather nice meeting you.", he said. He was really polite, "Bye, nice to meet you too.", I said. We walked outside," I forgot i don't have my car.", she said. I started laughing, "Wow Alexis, this is why your my bestfriend.", I said. She ran back to the house and Niall answered the door she said something and he laughed. He went back inside and came out with her stuff, looks like she forgot that too and car keys.

Niall dropped us off at her house, we went inside. "Hey heather! Nice to see you.", lexi's mom said. Lexi's mom's name is Diana, she is really nice. "Nice to see you to.", I said. Me and Alexis went up to her room, we got in there and she started playing Ed Sheeran. Besides One direction she loved Ed Sheeran. "Okay so Niall said I could move in with him. And I'm going to since I'm not going to college.",she said.I knew she wasn't going to college I didn't like it but that's her choice. "Aww that's cute. When are you going to move in?", I asked. "When I tell my mom, but I don't wanna hurt her feelings. I just don't wanna leave her alone.", she said. As much of family problems lexi had, she still loved them very much. "I think you should tell her now. I'll stay up here and chill.", I said. She went downstairs and I was getting a call from Harry.

I ended the call, Harry Styles just asked me out on a date! And I said yes! This was probably the happiest moment of my life. Lexi came back upstairs she told me her mom was okay with it and she was gonna move out tomorrow. And I told her that Harry asked me out. And that I said yes, she was so happy for me. Our lives were changing, and it was a really good change.

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