Met by Desperation?

Alexis loves one direction. And when I say love, I mean gets angry when people talk about them. She loves them, but Niall has her heart(Not Really). But she wants to meet him really bad. So she goes on this on this website. And meets Niall. Not fake but real Niall. Obviously like all love story's they fall in love but will it last? With all the drama coming their way. Can Alexis handle the pressure or will she break it off? Or will she go through it and fight the one she truly wants.


13. Graduation


                                                                        Chapter 13.

 I woke up and it was 1:30 pm, Most schools have school on graduation day but we don't. Since I'm going to wear of those graduation robes, I'm not gonna really dress up. I was just laying thinking about Niall, I'm falling in love with him. But I want it to be special when I tell him. I might tell him on our date after graduation. Speaking of which Graduation starts at 5:30, And it's currently 2:00. Wow, I've been laying here for 30 minuets I need to text Niall and tell him when it starts. I got out my phone and texted Niall, "Hey babe Grad. starts @ 5:30. See you there bye Xx.".

I went to go take a shower, I got in and just stood there. I decided I was just gonna stay in here until the water got cold. I shaved everything, washed my hair and my body and sat down. I pulled my knees to my chest, rested my head on my shoulders and closed my eyes. Just thinking about everything made me happy. I don't even know what my best friends are gonna think when I tell them. Yeah i need to tell them, they know I have the world's biggest crush on him. They think it's cute. it's not that I didn't want to tell them I just haven't thought about it honestly.

The water was starting to get cold so I decided to get out. I grabbed a pink towel and wrapped my hair up. Then got a towel to wrap around me, I opened the door and went to my dresser and got out some pink and black cheetah print underwear and a black bra. I don't know why I close my bathroom door when it's in my room, and my room door is closed but whatever. I walked over to my closet to pick out my clothes. I decided on a silver tanktop and black shorts, they were kinda short but whatever. I went to put my clothes on but someone knocked on my door. Since I was still in my towel I opened the door, "Hey sweetie you getting ready?", my mom asked. "No I'm just in a towel for no reason. Yes mom I'm getting ready I'll be out when I'm done.", I said. She just smiled at me and walked off.

I closed the door and got dressed,when I was done. I took my hair out of the towel and sat down in front of my mirror. I brushed out my hair and put leave in conditioner in it. I started to blow dry it, while I was doing that my phone went off. "Hey babe just wanted to wish you luck." I swear that boy is adorable. "Thanks babe.", I texted back. I finished drying my hair, and started heating up my straightener. I looked at my phone to see what time it was 3:30, I had 2 hours to kill. When my hair straighter beeped to let me know it was heated up. I separating my hair in layers and started to do my hair.

By the time I finished it was 4:30, I have an hour left to get ready. I decided to to do my make up, I did my mascara and eyeliner by the time I was done it was 5:00. I have 30 minuets to do whatever, I decides to go ahead and go that way I can think what my speech is gonna be about. I went downstairs and everybody was already done, "Come guys let's go.", I said. "You still have 30 minuets left.", Mom and damion said at the same time. "I know but I have to go over my speech, get my robe and cap, and talk to my friends.", I said. "Okay, come on boys let's get in the car. Can you grab Ty Alexis?",my mom asked. "Yeah sure. Come on bub."

When we got to the gymnasium where the graduation is going to be I told my to go find seats. We said bye and I went to the choir room to get my robe. I went in the closet looked for my name and got my robe and cap, I put it on and went to look for my friends. I saw Heather, Hope, and Max standing next to each other. Max is Hope's obnoxious boyfriend, he thinks he's so cool. But in my opinion he can suck the dick I don't have. "Hey guys! Can you believe it? We did it!", I said. We all laughed, "I'm so happy! I hate this place, Hey after graduation wanna head over to my place and have our boyfriends congratulate us?", Heather said. Me and Hope laughed, Heather says our boyfriends all the time but she means One direction. Crap! I need to tell them now. "Hey guys, I need to talk to you.... ALONE.", I hinted to max.

He rolled his eyes at me and looked at hope, "Go, she needs to talk to me.", Hope said. Max just rolled his eyes, great now we have to deal with his Bitch-Fit right before graduation. Ge walked away and I looked at my two best friends, "I have to tell you something, you may not believe but... I'm dating Niall!", I said. They just looked at each other and laughed, "Sure you are lexy.", hope said. "I'm being serious! I met him on", I said. It's really ticking me off that they don't believe me. "Alexis, last time you were on that you got your heart torn to shred's stop getting on it your not gonna meet him. i just don't wanna see you hurt, there's some pretty fucked up people out there.", Hope said. She always uses cuss words when she serious or mad. Heather doesn't cuss at all, "Yeah I agree with her lexy, we just don't wanna see you hurt.", Heather said. "But I'm being-." I was cut off by an intercom,"All graduated to line up please."

I have to go find matt since I'm walking with him.", Hope said. "Well since your my walking partner let's go!", Heather said. We walked inside and got in our positions. The music started playing and everyone started moving. I scanned the room for Niall, Where is- Oh I found him. He's by my mom? How did he find her. I was pushed out my thoughts by Heather who nudged me," It's almost our turn.", she whispered. There was one set of partners in front of us. They started walking down the aisle. Now it's Heather and my turn. We started walking, "Whoo go Alexis!", Niall screamed. I smiled, Heather looked at me, she knew his voice. "Told you so.", I said. We walked to our chair and Hope was in front of us, she turned around and looked at me. We were like the biggest directioners we knew, she knew his voice too. I stuck my tongue out at her and said, "Told you so!"

The principle started talking, when he was finished he said,"Now we will start the ceremony." He started saying the students names. My friends didn't know but I the principle to put Hope. Heather, Max and I together. Max and I get into a lot of fights, but he's like a brother to me. "Hope Stahl, Max Ozment, Heather Gore, and Alexis Earwin." We all got up, got our diploma's, took pictures and sat back down. Since we were the last students, it was time for me to give my speech. "Can our Valedictorian please come up here." , said the principle. i got up and walked on stage. "This is Alexis, she is a good kid, she has good grades and she's very kind. So instead of picking someone who has straight A's to be valedictorian. We let the kid's pick who they wanted it to be this year. So you may now give your speech." I nodded my head as a thank you.

I looked at the audience and laughed. "I never thought that during these years, I would learn so much about life. When you come to school you think it's just about what the teachers teach you about." I laughed," But, what we don't expect is to learn life lessons. I didn't write anything down because I wanted this to all be from my heart. Throughout my whole Middle school, I was bullied. And most people in here were my bullies, I don't know what happened but in the 9th grade they just left me alone. I was no longer the girl being bullied, teased or picked on. I was accepted, but most of the people wanted to label me. So I didn't become friends with many people. But the people I am friends with are either really close to me. Or they're my best friends, Nobody knows this except someone special to me. Someone who saved me from myself."

I looked at Niall and smiled, he smiled back. "But I wanted to commit suicide all the time, because of everything I went through. Now everybody know I cut, I mean you can see the scars. But the point of this speech is to say, no matter what you go through there are people out there who are gonna help you get through stuff. I mean when your little you wanna be alot of things, but it's not until you go through stuff. And there's gonna be something that shines about you. It makes you realize who you are, who you want to be, and what you can be." I turned to my principle, "Can I do something?", I asked. "Sure.", he replied. I turned back the mic, "Can Heather Gore, Hope Stahl..... Max Ozment, My family and my boyfriend please stand up." They all stood up, I had tears in my eyes. "These are the people who saved me, they helped me get through so much. I probably wouldn't even be here without them." I heard a lot of gasps and squealing "Oh my God! That's Niall form One direction!" Great, what did i just do, "Guys, please don't freak out and run up to hi, He doesn't like that, But that is my amazing boyfriend!"

They all screamed and sat down, when they got quiet I finished my speech. "Anyways to wrap this up, I just want everybody out there to stay strong. Now everybody on the count of three throw your caps in the air because we have GRADUATED!!!! ONE, TWO, THREEE!" Everybody threw their caps in the air and I laughed. This was amazing, I ran to go see my boyfriend. Guess who bea tme to it, Hope and Heather. "What did I tell you? I told you he was my boyfriend!", I said. "Alexis! You lucky bitch! I can't believe he's your boyfriend!", Hope said. "Hey! Watch your mouth my mom and brothers are here.", I said.

"Oh yeah, sorry.", Hope said, I turned to look at Heather. "Guess who your best friend met?!", I asked. I grabbed Niall's hand and locked our fingers. "Harry? Did you meet Harry?! You freaking met my husband! I think I forgot how to breathe, Alexis this is too much.",Heather said. I just laughed, "Well I would love to stay and chat butI have a date to go on!", I said. "Awww that's so cute!", Hope and Heather said at the same time. " I love you guys I'll text you in a couple days. I have to go I love you guys!", I said. "Bye!", They both said. "Don't do anything I would do to harry!", said Heather. Did she really just say that? Oh how I love that girl.

We walked to my mom's car, she rolled down the window. "Me and Niall are gonna go back to the house so I can get dressed. I'm guessing you guys are gonna go out to eat?", I asked. "Yeah we're gonna go to Sonic. I love you, have fun on your date. I know what your doing and where your going.", she said. That's not fair! He told my mom but he wont tell me? I looked at him, "You told her but you won't tell me?!", I said. "I want it to be a surprise, you'll love it I know it.", he said. We walked to his car and got in. "I liked your speech, it was so sweet.", he said. He grabbed my hand,"Thanks, it's what I felt like telling. I thought those girls were gonna attack you.", I said. "Nahh not after the speech you gave, a lot of people cried. It was heart-warming.", he said.

We pulled up to the house, went inside and walked up the stairs. I stopped him, "I'm just gonna fore-warn you before we go in there. One Direction is everywhere. I mean everywhere, mostly you.", I said. He laughed, "It's fine babe come on let's go we have to hurry. We have to be there by 9:15 it's 8:30.", he sais. There's a time? "Did you make reservations? That's cute.", I said. "Something like that come on let's go inside.", he said. I opened the door and walked in. "Sooo... uhmm this is my room.", I said. "This is cute, but why so many pictures of the old me before braces?", He asked. "Well I thought you were so much more cute without braces.", I said. I don't know why so many girls didn't like his teeth I thought they were cute. "Really? Wow, well go get your dress and shoes and put them in a suitcase pack so extra clothes.", he said.

"Why can't I just change into my dress? Why do I need to pack?", I asked. "Just pack your dress and shoes, pack some comfy clothes and shower stuff. And put something comfy on.", He said. So i did as I was told, I packed some clothes and got some cloths to change in. I put his shirt on I took the other night, some sweats and my Jordan sandals. I just changed in front of him and didn't realize it. I'm getting really comfortable in my skin around him. I packed my dress and heels, and I got a little black clutch I'm gonna bring. I checked to see if it had money in it, it did. I packed it. And the I packed some showering stuff and my toothbrush/paste. And I packed my gray sweats and my Ed hardy shirt. When I was done I took my suitcase, "I'm done let's go!", I said. He took my suitcase and walked down the steps. "Wait I forgot my charger for my phone!", I said. I ran up the steps opened my door and got it. I ran back down the steps, "Got it!", I said. We walked outside and I locked the door with my extra key.

He put my suitcase in the trunk, he had one too. I wonder where we're going, we got in and drove for a bit. I checked my phone it was 9:00 pm. "It's nine Niall." "We're here!", he said. The airport?! What are we doing here? I'm not gonna ask he wont tell me. We went inside and gave the people our luggage. They checked us and let us through. We went to the lady and he gave her two tickets. Where did those come from?  I checked the time it was 9:13. We got our luggage and started walking toward gate 113. "Flight 113 to paris is boarding now.", said the lady. "Paris! You're taking me to Paris!?", I said. He laughed and grabbed my hand.


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