Met by Desperation?

Alexis loves one direction. And when I say love, I mean gets angry when people talk about them. She loves them, but Niall has her heart(Not Really). But she wants to meet him really bad. So she goes on this on this website. And meets Niall. Not fake but real Niall. Obviously like all love story's they fall in love but will it last? With all the drama coming their way. Can Alexis handle the pressure or will she break it off? Or will she go through it and fight the one she truly wants.


2. Friends?


    Chapter 2.


 I didn't know I was zoned out until Niall practically yelled my name. "Alexis! Are you okay?", he said. "Uhh yeah... I'm just a bit shocked. I thought it was going to another prank." Oh, haha it's not I'm here. So tell me about yourself. I must get to know my own fan!", he said."Well, I'm not a crazy fan for one." We both chuckled, I continued to talk. "I've always been an outsider. And I love music, music is my life. But One Direction and Little Mix are mostly what i listen to." "Aah i see, so you're an Anglophile?", he said. "I guess you could say that. So you tell me about yourself. What's it like being in One Direction, having thousands of girls throw themselves at you?" "Uhh, well I LOVE food. And being in one direction is amazing. Me and the boys are literally like brothers now. And the girls.... well some of them are pretty yes. But, I like my space ya know? But, there's something different about you. You're not flirting with or throwing yourself on me. You're just really.... chill? But, some girls... they can be a bit.... hateful. But other than that and missing home. I love it.", he said. "Enough about me, what about your life and family. How's school? And all the friends.", he said. "Uhmm yeah it's okay." Come on I bet it's better than "okay" tell me everything I want to get to know you!", he said. " I... I.. ermm. I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you. I felt like I can trust you, even though i just virtually met you. I don't have the worst life, But it could be better." " What do you mean?", he said. "Well... here goes Nothing."  I looked away as I started talking not wanting to see his reaction to anything. " I guess it started when I was little. No one ever liked me, i mean i was kinda spoiled but still. After my 5th birthday everything went down hill. When I was 5  after my brother was born. I noticed things becoming distant between my parents. But I was 5 I didn't expect anything ya know? Well turns out my dad was on drugs and had been for a while. My mom and dad got in this really big fight. Don't get me wrong they loved eachother. They really did but after that argument nothing was the same. They fought constantly. It usually ended up with my dad walking in another room... furious. My mom looking for me while she was crying. I'd usually be in my room under the covers crying rocking back and forth. She would pick me up, pack us a suitcase, and we'd leave the house for the night. This happened probably once every week. We'd go to my aunts and go back in the morning. They'd make up an apologize to me. As all this continued to happen over the years. Things got worse, they got worse. They were becoming really violent. Mom and Dad both, it was scary, I was so little  I didn't know what to do. One day I remember it was worse than it ever was. Dad was drunk, I could smell it. They were arguing as usual, so I went into my room and played with my barbies and ignored them as usual. But, this time it was different, the baby was walking around crying. So i went to go get him. As I went to go get him, I walked into my parents bedroom. Since Damion slept with them, they were completely oblivious that i stepped into the room and that the baby was crying. But something stopped me, and quote these exact words. "You wanna hit me?! Do it! Fucking hit m-", my dad said but was interrupted by my mom right hooking his jaw. He looked furious, yes I'd seen my mom get hurt.But I'd never seen her hit him... ever. I could tell he was about to hit her. So, I jumped between them. "STOP IT!!! Mommy, Daddy stop! I hate this. Please don't hurt each other" My mom and dad looked as if someone has just shot them. They told me to go to my room. I did, but i snuck out to hear what the were saying. All i heard was" We cant do this anymore. Albert there is no us. We are not even a family, I thought we could do this for the kids but, I just cant take it anymore.", my mom said. "Yeah I agree.... we need to finally break this off.",my dad said. " I'm moving in with my grandma in doniphan. And I'm taking the kids with me." ,my mom said. " You cant do that, They're my kids just as they are yours. You'll take one with you. And I'll take the other to Chicago with me and my family." "....... Fine, but I get Alexis. Then we'll switch at the end of the school year.", my mom said. "Okay", my dad said. We moved in with my grandma. After the year was up my mom called my dad. He refused to give Damion back. So we drove up there and lived in Chicago. A couple months later. It was just My dad, Uncle, cousin and I in the house. The house ended up being kicked in by the swat team. Searching for money and drugs. They found what they were looking for. They got arrested and my aunt came and got me..... A few years later. I was told in had a mental disorder called "Depression". i started cutting. But eventually my friends talked me into going to church with them. And i brought my life to christ and stopped cutting... for a while them i started getting stressed and had a couple of slip ups but I'm doing alot better. And God, my friends, and your music helped me get better." "Wow, by looking at the way you look so cheerful i would have never guessed. Your a strong person, I admire you for that.  Just promise me one thing", he said. " And what would that be?" " Please don't cut, never ever again. If you want someone to talk to I'm here.", he said. " Thank you so much,you have no clue what that means to me." "Anything for a friend!", he said. Did he really just call me his "friend"? Maybe it was slip-up. "Uhmm, haha your talking out loud. Yes I really called you that. I consider you my friend. Do you wanna be friends? i don't wanna make you comfortable.", he said. "Yes friend, I would love that. I'm gonna hit the bed I'm really tired. Bye Niall." "Wait! Wanna exchange numbers?! I would like to be able to talk to my new friend.",he said. "HELL YEAH!" I exclaimed getting really embarrassed. "I mean sure friend." "Haha, we may just become best friends lexy", he said. "Okay bye" We hung up.

I just lay there in bed, thinking that he asked ME to be friends. AND he called me lexy.

Friends? Yeah I think so, and with that I fell asleep. Sleeping more peacefully than I have since I could remember.

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