Met by Desperation?

Alexis loves one direction. And when I say love, I mean gets angry when people talk about them. She loves them, but Niall has her heart(Not Really). But she wants to meet him really bad. So she goes on this on this website. And meets Niall. Not fake but real Niall. Obviously like all love story's they fall in love but will it last? With all the drama coming their way. Can Alexis handle the pressure or will she break it off? Or will she go through it and fight the one she truly wants.


14. Date Part 1

                                                                      Chapter. 14

We sat down in our FIRST CLASS seats. This was so cool! I looked at my boyfriend and kissed him. "This is amazing! Since our date is starting I told myself I would tell you this.", I said. "What would that be?", he asked. "We will be taking off at 9:30 and we should reach our destination at 10:30 am.", the intercom interrupted me. "What I was gonna say was that, Niall I love you. Like I said I wasn't gonna say it until I fell in love with you. And I did, But I wanted to wait until our date.", I said. He just looked at me with a huge smile on his face. "Well obviously I love you and I'm happy I'll here it back.", he said. "We should go to sleep that way it'll go faster.", I said. "Me too, I'm excited.", he said. I looked at him and smiled I kissed him and pulled away, "I love you babe.", I said. "I love you too princess.", he said. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

                                                                                    Niall's P.O.V

I slowly started to wake up. I turned to look at Alexis, she was so cute asleep. Last night when she told me she loved I wanted to scream. I was so happy, I wanted to hear her say those words since I did. "We will be landing in about 10 minuets." Great! We are almost there. She's gonna love what I have planned out I just know it.

                                                                                     Alexis's P.O.V

Niall nudged me, "Alexis wake up babe, we'll be landing in 10 minuets.", he said. I woke up and looked at him and he smiled. "Yay! I'm so excited!", I said. "Me too!", he said. I looked at him and just gave him a hug, I pulled away. "What was that for?", he asked. "I just... I don't know. I just love you with all my heart. I'm so happy i met you.", I said. "I love you too babe.", he said. "Passengers will will be landing in 2 minuets. Please get your luggage ready.",said a last over the intercom. 

Me and niall got off the plane and got our luggage. We walked outside and there was a limo driver with the sign "Horan". "That's for us.", he said. I was so happy, we got in the limo. "You didn't have to get a limo, a taxi would have been okay.", I said. "Okay is not good enough for my princess.", he said. He leaned forward and pecked me on the lips.

We pulled to this very big hotel, it was called "Let Meurice“ it was beautiful. "Come on, let's go check in."he said. He grabbed my hand and we walked up to the desk. "Rèservation sous Niall Horan.", he said in french. The lady handed us our key. We went to the elevator, he pressed the highest button. We got off and walked in the room. The room literally took my breath away.

It was beautiful and so big, "Niall its beautiful."' I said. "Anything for you princess. This was the biggest room they had and I made sure surrounding rooms couldn't be booked. But we get to just chill until we need to get ready. What do you wanna do? We have until 5:30 and its 11:30.", he said. "Can we sleep? And what time are the reservations?", I asked. "Well yeah we can sleep as long as we cuddle.", he said. I started laughing and so did he. "And we have to be there by six. So/that's why I said 5:30. But I need a shower.",he said. "Yeah me to so why don't we just wake up around 4 so we can both take showers. You can go first.", I said as I layed down, Niall got in the bed with me. I pushed myself close to him, he wrapped his arm around me and I instantly fell asleep.

Niall gently nudged me awake "Babe its four, I'm gonna hop in the shower."' He said. He kissed my forehead and went in the bathroom. I went to my suit case and got my cloths, shoes,makeup, and shower stuff. I flipped through the channels but I couldn't understand anything so I turned it off. I just sat there with my thoughts. I heard the bathroom door open. Wow he took a fast shower, I looked at the clock. 4:30! Wow never mind I was just thinking for a while. He walked towards me, I just happened to be by his suitcase. His towel hug low on his hips, showing his v line. Alexis stop staring before he sees you, "Like what you see?" , he asked. Hell yeah, I loved what I was seeing. Hes so hot, but I wasn't going to say anything. He just started laughing "You're talking aloud babe.", he said. I was really embarrassed. I playfully smacked his arm and went to the shower. 

I finished and went to get my clothes off the bed. Niall whistled, "Your boyfriend is one lucky guy.", he said. I laughed and went to the bathroom. I got dressed and did my hair and make-up. By the time I was done it was 5:35. I walked out the bathroom. I didn't fry my hair as usual. I pinned it up, curled it and I put a purple bow in my hair. All I put on was mascara for my make-up. I walked in the room and he got up and smiled. "You look amazing babe. You look like a princess, a beautiful princess.", he said. I kissed him and muttered thanks as I kissed him " We better go." I said. We walked out and went outside where our limo waited for us. He opened the door for me and I got in. He followed after me.

We pulled up to a gorgeous restaurant. We went inside, "Hi do you have reservations?". The girl asked. She spoke English, poor English but you can still tell what she is saying. "Under Horan.", he said. She led to a table and we sat down. She handed us our menus. I chose the chicken salad and Nial got the spaghetti. We got a chocolate moose cake for desert to share. We fed each other our meals. When we were done they brought us our desert. We finished and walked to the limo, "This was amazing Niall I loved it. Thank you so much.", I said. I was so happy I wanted this night to last forever. "Your welcome babe but its not over yet." And with that he winked at me and opened the door.

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