Met by Desperation?

Alexis loves one direction. And when I say love, I mean gets angry when people talk about them. She loves them, but Niall has her heart(Not Really). But she wants to meet him really bad. So she goes on this on this website. And meets Niall. Not fake but real Niall. Obviously like all love story's they fall in love but will it last? With all the drama coming their way. Can Alexis handle the pressure or will she break it off? Or will she go through it and fight the one she truly wants.


11. Author's Note


                                                                                  Author's Note!!!!!!!

   Hey guys!!!  I'm Alexis and yes most of this story of Alexis's life as me is true. And this is basically what I want to happen lol xD But not many people are reading this. And I just wanted your guy's input on the story. Should I keep writing? I just want some input. So if you guys could please give me some input I would appreciate it!(:

So please give me some inputs on whether I should continue or not. Or anything! Thanks love you guys mhwa xxx

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