One direction Imagines

This account is for imagines. Feedback as always appreciated, I don't do this often. If you are interested in imagines, comment with 1. Your hair color 2. your eye color 3. what type of relationship you want (friends, married, dating, etc) 4. Your age 5. the boy(s) you want 6.Name 7.Theme(optional, i will try also, it might not be good.


5. Karlea and Liam




You and the boys were at a concert in Denver (thats where i live hehe). Liam and Zayn were off doing who knows what and you and tour best friend Niall were eating some pizza. You always knew that Liam was jealous of your friendship with Niall, but it was not that big of a deal. You were eating when Liam came in. "Hey sweet cheeks" Liam said, noticing your full cheeks and sitting next to you on the plush couch. "Shut up, I'm hungry." You said. " Yeah, shut up, she's hungry." Niall replied sarcastically. "Niall, be quiet." Liam replied, oblivious to Niall's sarcasm. " He was just joking, Liam." You said. Everything was fine after that. Liam finally understood that Niall did not like you as dating relationships, he liked you as friends.







I'm sorry, this one was hard to write. I hope you like it. Super sorry. Feedback please

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