One direction Imagines

This account is for imagines. Feedback as always appreciated, I don't do this often. If you are interested in imagines, comment with 1. Your hair color 2. your eye color 3. what type of relationship you want (friends, married, dating, etc) 4. Your age 5. the boy(s) you want 6.Name 7.Theme(optional, i will try also, it might not be good.


4. Auti and Harry imagine




You and harry were having a lazy day at the flat you two shared in london. "Harry" you said, bored.  "What babe" harry replied " I'm bored" "Me too. I have an idea, just let me make a call first." "Alright." Harry walked off, leaving you now cold without his warmth to comfort you. After a couple minutes, he came back. "I have a surprise for you." He said, sounding excited. "What should i wear?" you asked, wanting a hint to what you two were doing. "Something fancy, like a dress." "okay, let me go get changed. You wait here." you said . You went to your room and  changed into a short strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. You added some turquoise jewelry because your dress was teal. Once you were done changing, you got your matching clutch."Ready" you called down the stairs. Once you got downstairs, Harry was standing by the door, ready to escort you into the cold night to the car. He opened the door for you and you climbed in. Once he got in on the drivers side, he revved up the engine. It took about ten minutes until you arrived at the resturaunt. You and harry walked inside and you realized how high class this place was. There were chandaliers everywhere and you saw many socialites chatting "Oh my god, harry. This is amazing. Harry and you were heading to the back of the resturaunt, and the waiter led you to a table tucked in the corner. After you two had ordered your drinks, harry got down on one knee. It  took you a moment to realize what was going on but then, "Will you marry me Auti?" Harry asked. Tears sprung from your eyes and you said "Yes. I will love you forever harry." "Me too Mrs Styles." You two had a nice wedding on the woods and had two beautiful children, Darcy and hope. You grew old together with the love you two had when you first met.




I hope you like it, i sure do. Please give me feedback.

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