strange love

When Beverly Sover's highschool is taken over by a popuplar boy band, she is not as exsited as the rest of the girls in Willow High. But will a twist of fate change her mind about the boys?


2. what the?

                                 Beverly runs to catch up with the squealing girl. But she lost her. Beverly stands still looking around. She looks in class rooms, they are free of teachers. Perfect, she says to herself. She is getting out of this place. As she turns around she runs into a strong person. But it does not even matter how strong he is, they both fall to the ground. Beverly looks at him. No way, Harry Styles. Now she knows why everyone is screaming. She quickly stands up and brushes her self off. “I am really sorry,” Harry says in a annoying accent. “Well, you know the hallway isn’t meant to be just for you,” she snaps. Harry’s smile disappears. Beverly smiles to herself, Yep, now you know the whole world is not obsessed with you. She makes her way around the boys on the ground and rushes out of the building. What do people see in boy bands anyway, God, she can’t stand my friends when one of their songs comes on. She makes her way to her black mustang and heads home.  

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