strange love

When Beverly Sover's highschool is taken over by a popuplar boy band, she is not as exsited as the rest of the girls in Willow High. But will a twist of fate change her mind about the boys?


1. wake up

                 When Beverly wakes up she is blinded bye the bright sun. She can hear the faint sound of dishes banging downstairs in the kitchen. Another day, she sighed. She peeled off the damp sheets of here bed. She enters her bathroom and gets into the steaming shower. She let’s the water run down her body. She has been having the worst week. All of her stress runs down the drain with the water.



                    When she makes her way down stairs she hears the scream of her autistic brother. Her mother struggles to feed him. “I got it mom,” Beverly runs over to her mom and takes the food out her hand. “Thanks Hun, I don’t know what’s up with him,” she say to her daughter. Beverly takes the spoon and feed her brother without any problem.



                    When she walks into Willow High the halls are empty. She hears the faint scream of students a little ways down. A little freshmen runs toward me, “What is going on?” She jumps up and down. “They are here!” she screams and then runs away. Now the only thing Beverly has to find out is WHO?

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