strange love

When Beverly Sover's highschool is taken over by a popuplar boy band, she is not as exsited as the rest of the girls in Willow High. But will a twist of fate change her mind about the boys?


5. Stupid boy band

The next school day was a total waste. Every class I was in had one of the members off one-direction was in it. I totally had a tantrum. But we will get to that later. The first class I had was English and Niall was there. My teach was all


Omg! My daughter loves you! (she is like 67, what daughter!)


And Niall was all ~


Aw how cute! (I see right through his fake concern.)


That’s the thing, they are all fakes! All of the teachers were drooling over them, even Mr. Person, the only teacher I thought was going to save me. But he is gay so I see it. Anyway all the teachers asked them to sing for the “class” the guys were poed because their girlfriends were drooling all over the band.


 When math comes I am super pissed. I hate math and I suck at it. So when we don’t work on it because harry is here I am a little happy. But I need the help so I am pissed and I hate harry so I am super pissed. I did not see this coming because Ms. Laden is super tough, she hates distractions to class. So when she asks harry to sing I freak out.




   That girl is in my math class. Not just any girl, that girl I bumped into in the hallway. I watch her from the corner of my eye, she looks pissed, I never seen her happy. I know why see isn’t. She hates all of this attention I am getting. I even hate it.


    A very mean looking teacher comes in and everyone calms down. She scans the class room and her eyes stop on me. She smiles; I feel anger spilling out of the girl’s pores next to me. “Harry! It’s such an honor having you in my class. Would you mind singing for us?” she asks. And in that second the girl next to me freaks out. She stands up real abruptly. “Seriously? No! He is not singing for us. Every class I have been into today I had to listen to their pitchy voices sing the same song. I am not hearing it again!” she screams. She grabs her things and marches out of the class room. The class is speechless, no one says a word. So, I get up and run after her.


I know it’s a risk but when I step into the hallway something clicks.




            I hear running being me. So I ignore it. Someone is next to me now, I know who it is. “Go away,” I say flatly. Maybe he would actually listen to me. Haha. “Why?” he asks. I explain to him that he is in my bubble and I would deeply appreciate if he would fall, in a hole. He looks stunned. He faces me and I do the same to him. He looks me right in the eye and asks, “Why do you hate me?” I sigh; I ask him if he wants a truth or a lie. He picks truth. “I hate you because you’re fake, you hate attention but you hate being hated on. You don’t know how to be mean and say no to people,” I say in one breath, then walk away.


            At the end of the day my mom isn’t there to pick me up. I sigh. My car is in service so I guess I have to walk. While I walk out I walk into fire. 5 boys stand idling outside. I don’t notice it until I am outside. They look at me, everyone but harry looks scared like I am a fan. Perfect. “Oh. My. God. I can not believe this is happening. I love you guys so much! “I say it a high squeaky voice with a bright smile on my face. Harry looks at me with a straight face but the rest of the boys have fake smiles on. I can keep this up. “I have every book, magazine, poster, cd, and apparel that has either your face on it or your songs. I even have a tattoo!” all of the boys looked creeped out, except harry. I wait for one of them to say something, they don’t. So I stop smiling and walk away. I laugh. Idiots.




     “Nice act back there.” I said next to her as I make my way through the parking lot. “But you didn’t convince me,” I add. She faces me. “I thought it was good,” she says. I smile to myself. “Your right about us being fake because we are,” I admit. She doesn’t budge. So I continue, “They were oblivious back there, I haven’t told them about you and they were totally convinced.” She smiles but its fake I can tell. “yeah, your telling me,” a large car pulls up and the window slides down revealing Zayne. “Yo! Harry, you ready to go?” he asks. I look back at the girl. Her face looks different. Sad. “yeah, one sec,” I answer. “do you need a ride?” I ask her. She laughs, “me, in van full of one direction?” I shrug, I am hoping she takes the offer but I know she will not. “Only if we can keep the act going,” she persuades. I match her devious smile. “Sure,” the I turn to Zayn, “We are taking-“ I just remembered, I don’t know her name. I ask her she answers, “-Beverly home,”

You can see Zayn’s eyes pop out of his head. “Harry,-“ he starts but I block him out and open the door for Beverly. (I love that name!) Beverly shrieks, “OMG!! I am like totally dyeing right now!”  She plays this role so well. She gets in and sits next to Liam, and I sit next to her. She faces Liam, “you smell like cute puppies,” she says to him and pinches his cheek. I laugh, “What do I smell like?” I ask. She looks at me with those beautiful eyes. “You smell like roses dusted with gold,” she says it in a way that turns me on. There is a hint of truth behind her smile. We keep looking at each other until she quickly looks away.




       I am stuck between my arch enemies. But I am starting to like harry a little more then I didn’t. I love playing this role, it is very refreshing. “What do I smell like,” Harry asks me. I look into he eyes. And I answer truthfully, “You smell like roses dusted with gold,” I answer. Our eyes lock, I feel like I am being dragged into him. I quickly turn. “So, Beverly, where do you live?” I am about to answer Niall when my phone beeps, i unlock it and see that it is from my mom.


Mom: SOS Come to the hospital ASAP it’s your brother.


I am stunned, I can’t speak or move. “What is it?” Harry asks taking my phone. “Niall hospital now!” he screams. Tears start rolling out of my eyes. Don’t be weak! Harry pulls me close to him. My mind starts getting fuzzy. Why am in a car with one direction? Why am I crying? Why Does harry have my phone?” When we screech into the parking lot, Harry takes me by the hand and pulls me into the emergency room. Mom is sitting in a chair. Once she sees me we rush to each other.  But when I let go of Harry I feel like I am missing something. I embrace my mom. She tells me that Toby just starting acting all weird and he is now in a coma. My legs can’t hold me anymore. Before I fall Harry catches me and supports me.

“Um? What?” my mom questions.

I can’t explain it to her now. Many things are going through my head. Before I know it the doctor calls my mom and I back. I detach from Harry.

“I will be here when you come back,” he says, my heart skips a beat. “You really don’t have to stay,” I don’t want him feeling pressured, but I hope that he does stay. “Its okay I don’t mind,” he says in a shy smile, I match it before I walk away.




              When Beverly is out of sight I meet my band mates outside. My heart aches. I never have seen so much emotion in her eyes before. It crushes me. Why does this have to happen to her? Liam comes running up to me. “Dude, what just happened?” he asks. I shake my head and try to stop the tears from falling down my cheek. “its her brother, he is in a coma,” I finally answer.


"i love this chapter. its a long one."

xoxo ~L


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