strange love

When Beverly Sover's highschool is taken over by a popuplar boy band, she is not as exsited as the rest of the girls in Willow High. But will a twist of fate change her mind about the boys?


7. can it get worse?


   I wake up in the waiting room. My mom is shaking me. “Hunny! Wake up!” she yells. I try to open my sticky eyes. “He is dead.”


2 days later.


Monday… I hate Mondays, well I hate every day so I guess it doesn’t mater. I am in school; I have not talked to Harry since before Toby died. My locker is full off crap that I should probably clean out but I really don’t feel like it.


I almost don’t remember that one direction goes here. But the fans are still high. “Hey, Bev,” a boy with an accent says to me is a soft voice. I give him a weird face, “um, hi,” I say flatly. He looks at me weirdly. “What do you want, and don’t call me Bev, I do not like that?” I ask after a moment I silence. He scratches the back of his neck nervously. “I just wanted to see if you were okay,” he finally says. I roll my eyes. “I am fine, now shoo,” I wave my hand. He looks confused. I walk away.




     I don’t know why she is acting like she hates me again. I thought our relationship was going somewhere. Maybe it was just a phase of her day. Probly not. The day drags on… when I make it to math class I hesitate weather to go in or not. When I do Beverly is already seated. She is talking to a girl I never seen before. She catches me looking at me and she glares. I quickly sit away from her. She obviously needs to breath. I dare to look over again. She is laughing. She looks so pretty when she laughs. I smile to myself. Her friend is half sitting on her desk. She’s kind of pretty but she looks to energetic and peppy. When the bell rings and the teacher comes in the girl runs to her desk. “Guess what children!” teacher teases, “Its project time!” everyone groans. We wait for further instruction. The teacher hands out a large packet of directions. “Now you will not have to do this alone,” the teacher continues, “you will have partners,” Beverly does not look happy about this. She is way too independent. The teacher next gives out a piece of paper. “These papers have your partners name on them,” when I read mine I am so happy because it reads~ BEVERLY. I look over at her, she looks pissed off. When the teacher comes to the front of the room she says, “Anybody have something to say about the chose I made?” she looks at Beverly when she says it, like she is looking for a fight. But Beverly just smiles and I am proud of her for not making a scene, again.


The final bell rings and I look around for Beverly, when I see her at her locker I go up to her. “Hey,” I say. I hope with all my heart she flashes me her warm smile. “What do you want now?” she growls. I sigh disappointedly. She stuffs some books into her bag and looks at me. “Well we have the project and I think we should start it over, so come to my house tomorrow after school and we can get started with it,” I say. I assume she is going to argue with me but all she does is say fine and walk away.




     When I get home my mom is on the couch with my neighbor. I smile at them when they look at me. They greet me with hugs and continue talking about my brother’s funereal. I run upstairs and close my doors and fall asleep instantly.


   When I get to Harry’s house in the after noon, my jaw drops to the ground. It is huge. I spot their van on the long driveway. Looks like they all live here. I go up to the door and ring to doorbell. The sound is deep and royal. I roll my eyes. I middle aged women opens the door. She looks scared. “Is Harry here?” I ask. The lady takes a deep breath, before she says anything Harry appears at the door and greets me with a bright smile. I stay still while Harry explains to his mom what’s going on and who I am. Harry takes me to a large room. “This is the study, we will work here,” he explains. After hour it feels like, harry’s mom comes in and tell him its dinner time and if I want to stay I can. “Do you want to?” harry asks. “Why not,” I reply.


  We are all seated at a big table. Everyone is here. The band members and most of their parents. All of the members give me weird looks. Thanks God I am seated next to harry and his mom. During the meal, all of the adults ask me questions like..

Are you single? What colleges and you looking at? How is the project.

My answers//

Yes, Anywhere far from here Fine

But then there is one more question. Harry’s mom asks, “do you have any siblings,” I stare at my plate, “no,” I almost whisper. He looks at me oddly, “what?” he asks. His mom asks him what’s wrong and he answers nothing


After dinner I go into the study and collect all of my supplies. I here him behind me, “why didn’t you tell me?” he asks. I look him in the eye. “its really not your business. “ I answer then storm home.

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