strange love

When Beverly Sover's highschool is taken over by a popuplar boy band, she is not as exsited as the rest of the girls in Willow High. But will a twist of fate change her mind about the boys?


3. 1st day

Harry’s POV


      I know I thought it was a good idea to go to a normal school in America, but now when I hear the screaming Fans I am not so

sure. I walk down the empty school hallways. The muffled screams irritate me. I lose focus and start to day dream. I try to think

 of happy thoughts but bad thoughts cut in.

All of the nasty tweets I get pull me down.

            Then all of a sudden I walk into someone. We both fall to the ground. I look at who I ran into. I smile at what I see. A fan

 girl. Even thou I am really irritated I still act like a give a shit. The girl stands up and brushes her self off. “I am so sorry,” I plead.

 She glares down at me. “Well, you know the hallway isn’t meant to be just for you,” she snaps. My smile falls of my face and

 drops on the ground. Okay, not a fan girl. She walks around me like I am nothing and leaves the school.


    Hey guys! Thanks for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed. The POVs might change because I used Beverly in 3rd person and I might change it to 1st person. <so sorry! Anywhale, comment what you think and tell your friends about it! It would mean a lot

                                   Xoxo ~L

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