The Confusing and terrible life of Jojo

Jojo try's to deal with high school and all the complications thrown her way. Will she get through it or commit suicide due to stress and the lack of love in her crazy life.


2. First day of school

  " Ring! Ring! Ring!" My alarm clock went off.

"Ugh I moaned!" "Yay school" I said in a simple voice. I got up and went to the bathroom to pee, and made a face at myself in the mirror, out of habit. I got dressed and straightened my hair. "Jojo, you ready?" My mom asked.

"Yes,mam." I responded grasping my bag.

My mom was in the car waiting for me. I thought to send Jacob a quick text before I got to school. "Good morning my love :) <33, I hope you slept well. I just wanted to say I love and miss you, have a good day at school <33 Please watch over Clarissa ~Xoxo Jojo 

He replied " I love you too, have a good day at school :D <3 and don't worry about her she'll be fine."

"Bye, I love you! Have a good day at school!" My mom said as I closed the car door. 

"I hope a senior shoves you in a trashcan." My soon to be step dad said. I walked up the stairs desperately looking for any familiar faces when my phone vibrates

"Hey are you at school yet?" Maisy asked

"Yeah, where are you?" I asked

" In the front by the bus loop thingy" she said

"K, be right there." I said

As I walked towards the other entrance I walked by people wondering what they were thinking about me.

Like," Eww who's that?" But then something interrupted my train of thought. "Jojo!?" Maisy squealed 

"Maisy" I said extremely happy. "Remember when high school was just a thought of ours and we always made up stories of how we wished it would be?" Maisy acknowledged 

"Oh my gosh yes!" I giggled " Where's your first period?" I asked 

"Woodshop" she replied

"Oh my gosh you bitch! I wanted to be in it so bad but my mom and step dad insisted I only wanted to be in it because of "boys". I said angrily 

"Oh my gosh what ass wipes! That's so stupid! Where's your first period?" she questioned!

"Art" I answered. The bell rang.

"Ok well see you at lunch, meet right here ok?" She insisted

"k, bye" I replied. I got to art and I didn't know anyone. "Find your name on a sticky note on one of the desks" Mrs. Johnson said in her hardcore southern accent. I nodded my head and found my desk all we did that period was fill out paperwork. Then the bell rang and I was on my way to my second period it was in the portables. I got to the door and saw a black man standing there I walked in and walked back out to make sure it was the right class. I wasn't being racist I just had never seen a African American who could speak fluent Spanish. I was surprised when I heard "Hola, buenos Dias señorita." I looked at him and said hi in shock. 

I saw a couple people I new Damian and Selena  I found out all three of us sat close to each other. Our teacher introduced himself and said I want you to get to know the people around you. So I started talking to Damian and Selena when a guy next to me started cracking jokes. We all laughed and Damian said "Hi I'm Damian, what's your name?" 

The guy replied saying " Hi I'm John." Then Selena said,

"Hi I'm Selena." I couldn't help but stare at him his smile was so pure and just amazing he was so cute. I caught myself staring at him a lot I think way to often because he would catch me looking at him and I would smile and blush and be would smile back. I caught him looking at me too and we would smile and he would say, "What?" 

I would shake my head and say "Nothing"

The rest if my day went by fast. I met Maisy for lunch and talked about our first day and then by the time I new it was time to go home. 


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