Never Give Up

Sarah and Jake are gaurdian angels, sent from heaven to pretect Earth from the ever-present danger of Hell. Comment if you want to co-author I need help


1. Prologue


It was all or nothing. She was about to make a deal with the one person that she shouldn’t, the Devil. What she was doing was going to change her life forever. Moments like these made her feel like everything she knew was slipping right out of her hands. She took a deep breath and opened the door to his world and just like that, she was whisked out of Heaven and into Hell.

“Lucifer, I am here. I have reached a decision,” she called into what was essentially darkness. Out of the darkness came an evil laugh and a deep, bellowing voice. “Reesha! What a pleasure it is to see you. You have given this matter thought, I have heard! What is your outcome?”

“I have decided that I want to be yours for all of eternity. Your cause is worthy and I feel obliged to assist you in whatever it is that you may do. This is my pledge to your services,” the young angel said.

Lucifer stepped out of the shadows, grinning. The stories that Reesha had heard about him were true. He was extremely handsome- with his blazing green eyes and light brown hair and his stone cold stare, he looked like he had just stepped down from the catwalk in Milan.

His dark robes draped spectacularly around him as he made his way to greet his new companion. “Tell me Reesha how an angel like you has chosen to become dark, seeing as you are quite high up in the hierarchy of God,” he asked, shuddering as he said the words. “Simply put, I have grown weary of doing good, and when Gaap asked me to come over to this side, I couldn’t resist. He doesn’t know that I am here, and I would be willing to share any information I gather from his high courts,” the young angel replied as Satan moved closer to her. He pulled her in for a gripping hug and was about to take her on a tour of Hell when all of a sudden there was a flash of bright lights and three angels stood in its place. “Lucifer, what are you doing!? You know you can’t do that to her, God forbids it!” the first angel called. It was Michael, never one to break the rules.

Lucifer grinned a terrifying smile. “Ah, Michael, Gabriel and Steven, brothers in faith, how are you all? It’s been such a long time!”

“Cut the small talk, Lucifer! Put Reesha down! Now!” Gabriel boomed. Nothing phased him at all. Well that’s what everybody thought, until Satan dropped the angel he was holding into the oblivion of the Earth…….       

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