Never Give Up

Sarah and Jake are gaurdian angels, sent from heaven to pretect Earth from the ever-present danger of Hell. Comment if you want to co-author I need help


4. 3

As Jake, Sarah and Gabriel headed towards the north of the town; there were a number of dead demons and humans everywhere. “Looks like the other angels have already put up a fight,” Jake said.

“Yeah, thanks Captain Obvious. This looks like it’s gonna be fun!!” Sarah said, sarcastically.

“Gee what is wrong with you at the moment? All you do is snap at me!” Jacob complained.

“I guess I’m just stressed out about this mission, coz you never know what might happen to any of us,” she said. It was a true statement because she really didn’t know what could happen to her, Jake or any of the other angels. Gabriel and Jake looked at each other like they knew something that she wasn’t supposed to know. Luckily for them, Sarah didn’t seem to notice. She simply just kept walking, lost in her own thoughts. She wasn’t even paying attention when she walked right into a demon, who was tearing a person in half.


“Watch where you’re going, you insolent fool!” the demon yelled but when he turned around to see, an evil grin spread across his face. “Ah, Miss Del Palmo. I had a feeling that you’d be here. Lucifer will be overjoyed to learn of your presence. By the way, do you like the venue for the battle? I chose it myself, quite ironic really, angels in the city of the most unholy don’t you think?” the demon chuckled.

“What, you actually think I’m here willingly, when I could be in school in California, actually learning things that could help me in life. Like calculus, even though I hate it,” Sarah remarked.

The demon laughed. “I don’t think you understand me very well. I said Lucifer will be extremely happy to know you’re whereabouts. You see, he’s in the midst of looking for you right now.” Even though he was a demon, he was still beautiful. Dangerous & deadly, but beautiful nonetheless. His name was Gaap, and he had the brownest hair imaginable, and his eyes were the colour of a grey wolf; your soul could get lost in them (if you chose to stare into them). On Gaap’s arm was a tattoo of a serpent, you can probably guess why.

“Why would he do that? I’m no-one special to him,” Sarah asked, a little confused.

“Reesha, you are the One. I chose you specifically to bring the Inner Sanctum down.” It was the Devil himself. Shocked at the words left hanging in thin air, Sarah’s breath caught.

“I-I-I what? This isn’t funny, you know!” she stuttered.

“Here, I’ll quote you… Hmm let me see if I can remember. Aah yes. ‘I have grown weary of doing good, I will pass on information I find out.’ We were quite close to you being initiated, but we were sadly interrupted by those two!” He motions towards Jake and Gabriel.

A look of worriedness washes over Sarah’s face, then slowly faded into anger. Anger for her boyfriend and best friend lying to her for as long as she can remember. How was she supposed to be the Chosen One and still save the world?

"Jacob! Why didn't you tell me? It would have benefited me to know that! I'm supposed to be saving the world form evil, not bring it down because I am evil!" She bursts into tears.                        "Shhhh. I was protecting you. Honestly, Gabriel and I were told never to speak of it, ever. As much as I wanted to tell you, I knew I couldn't. I'm so sorry." He pulls her in for a cuddle and they stay that way for 5 minutes.

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