Never Give Up

Sarah and Jake are gaurdian angels, sent from heaven to pretect Earth from the ever-present danger of Hell. Comment if you want to co-author I need help


3. 2

The car ride was boring, mostly because Sarah and Jake were both thinking about what they will do and what might happen to them. Suddenly, there was a flash of bright light and Raphael appeared with his brother Gabriel.

“Man! You can’t do that while I’m driving!” Jake yelled at Raph.

“I’m sorry, but we come bearing valuable information about your mission. The demons have already arrived and are beginning to threat the civilians and tourists and even harming them. Fortunately for you, the three angels that reside in the United Kingdom were on call while on a holiday in none other than the city of Las Vegas and they were able to get a number of people to safety, but they are relying on your help to protect this highly unreligious city. You must hurry!” Raphael instructed.

“Yes and please refrain from as much romantic activity as possible while you’re there because you are on a mission not a holiday. We’ll be back later to update you on your mission,” Gabriel said and with that, the archangels were gone.


After that, they were silent as Sarah took over driving from Jake. Sarah was contemplating what might happen to her or Jake, and Jake was wandering whether Gabriel was serious about no intimacy with Sarah, because that sure would suck! Neither of the pair said a word until they reached the turn off to the town itself. “I think you turn here, Sar,” Jake said just as Jake’s beat up Volkswagen passed the turn off.

“Huh? Oh, you could’ve told me earlier,” she snapped back as she turned the car around. Jake looked hurt but that all changed. When she turned the corner, they could hear people screaming and the demon’s harsh calls and they could smell burning flesh. Sarah went pale. Jacob gagged. Things weren’t going to be easy. At least they had the advantage of three other angles with them, not to mention immortality. Angels can’t really die, they just reincarnate as other beings in different times & places. There was a police barricade blocking the entry to Las Vegas, so Sarah parked the car and got out. Jake followed suit. They ran up to the nearest officer and begged him to let them in.  The officer, who couldn’t be more than 21, looked them over. His eyes lingered over Sarah for a moment longer than they should have. Jake looked red with rage. “Listen mate, if you don’t let us in, I swear you will have nothing more to live for!”

The cop just laughed. “Yeah? And what will ya do? You gonna call your Mama to come and rescue you when I pummel ya?” he asked in an obvious southern drawl. 

“Puh-lease! Do you seriously think that you can beat him in a fight? Jake here is a black belt in Karate!” Sarah said, coming to Jake’s aid. Another officer came over to see what the commotion was. “What in tarnation is going on here?” he asked, in yet another Southern accent.

“Sir, I was given strict orders not to let anybody in, and these two teenagers insist that they have to get in, probably just to take pictures and upload them to the web,” the first officer explained.

“S’okay, y’know. These kids are a part of the Angel Committee,” the second officer said, letting them in.

“Where the hell’s  their licences?” the first one asked, and then remembering, added, “Where are they? Don’t they need special permits to kill them demons?”

“Under 21’s don’t need one and these kids are 17. They aren’t old enough.”

“Thank You!” the couple called as they ran towards the city. Once they were inside the town’s barriers, it was obvious that 5 angels weren’t going to be enough. “Raphael! Gabriel! Uriel! Michael! Jeremiel! Raguel! I call upon you to assist us in this war!” Jake called.


In an instant, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael appeared and with them were the British angels.

The six of them were utterly beautiful, flawless without a trace of worry, whereas Sarah and Jacob were definitely worrisome. They were clouded with doubts about this battle.

“My brothers and sisters, listen carefully. This fight will only be won if we work together as a team. Sarah, Jacob and Gabriel will take the upper parts of town, Denni and I will scour midtown and Michael, Rhys and Carter will take downtown. Off you go, please stick together.” Raphael instructed with a hint of wary in his voice.

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