Never Give Up

Sarah and Jake are gaurdian angels, sent from heaven to pretect Earth from the ever-present danger of Hell. Comment if you want to co-author I need help


2. 1

There was no doubting that Sarah D’el Palmo was boss at Beechworth High School. She had it all, looks, money and a sexy boyfriend to boot. People were aware of the power of her wrath, so they didn’t push her buttons. What people weren’t aware of, however, was her ability to stealthily fly without having anybody see. You see, Sarah was no ordinary high school student, she was an angel. It was her job to restore the unity that was once in the world so long ago. There were other angels on the earth, but only two lived in the USA, Sarah and her boyfriend, Jacob Angelico.

Together they were immaculate, undeniably the rulers of Beechworth’s only high school. They were also powerfully dangerous and the demons of the repulsive Devil knew all too well that the pair was frightening if they were on a mission. It wasn’t a required skill to scare the living daylights out of the enemy, but Sarah and Jacob found that their approach worked best. The Archangel, Raphael was there often to pose as Sarah’s father, and to guide them in the right direction. He was always giving them wise advice, like, “With the father on your side, what could possibly go wrong?” Sarah was always thinking things like, “Well Jake or I could die,” or, “We could always fail the next mission,” but she usually kept quiet when Raphael was on a rant like that.

Sarah was sitting in Modern History when she got a mission warning & by answering her phone, she probably gave up her lunch hour for the next year, but a mission is a mission. And she was right, because Mr Jenkins was storming right up to her. “Sarah D’el Palmo! Put that cell phone away this instant or it will be mine for the entirety of this day!”

“Well, sorry but my poor mother is in hospital and Daddy just texted me to let me know that he’s picking me up. I have to go now, because I might never see my mum again!” She wasn’t lying; she was simply bending the truth.  Raphael was technically her “Daddy” but he wasn’t even texting her about her mum because, well, she didn’t have one at all.

“Well alright, so long as you catch up on the required notes for this lesson.” She let out a sigh at Mr Jenkins’ lingo, because it was just not cool. She leapt out of her seat and headed for the door, only to hear her ancient teacher call, “Don’t let me catch you using any electronic devices in my class again!”


As soon as she got out the classroom door, Jacob almost flattened her.  “There you are!” he greeted her with a soft kiss. “I was beginning to think that I’d have to fly solo. What happened?”

“Well, Jenkins caught me on the phone, and I had to make up this story about how “daddy” had texted me that he was picking me up early because mum was in the hospital,” she explained, emphasizing the word daddy.

“Oh well, now that you’re here, can we start the mission? It says here that we need to go to Las Vegas. Hey girl, Do you wanna get hitched?” Jake asked with an accent that sounded like a black boy cross Southern kid.

“Yeah, no. Babe you need to get serious. Innocent people could be suffering, and besides you never jeopardise a mission. Some people actually need your help,” she said.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” he asked sarcastically.

“Plenty of times, babe, but seriously Las Vegas affectionately known as the Sin City?! Could the demons have picked a better place for angels to go? We’ll need to take a few extra days off school, pack enough clothes to last us and-”Sarah began but Jacob cut her off.

“We need to leave now, so there’s no time for packing. We’ll have to buy some clothes at Target or something. Apparently there’s an uprising of demons and Raph says that the bad guy himself will make a special appearance, if all the demons get it right,” Jake explained.

“The Devil? Right. But why Las Vegas? They couldn’t have picked an isolated farm or somewhere in the desert? We’ll blow our cover!” Sarah was starting to panic.

“Relax. There’s no need to worry.  Raph’s got us covered. All we need to do is stop the demons from killing anybody.”  He said trying to stop his girlfriend from worrying.

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