For Her

Harry and Jennifer's best friends both died in a car crash on there way back from vacation one day. Jennifer knew Sophie for more than 12 years and Harry and John practically grew up together playing football and trying out for the x-factor together. Many things were left for the family but the most important was left to both Harry and Jennifer. The life of there 2 year old daughter, Isabella James. The two have been signed as there guardians until she turns 18. Will Harry and Jennifer work through there differences together to raise baby Isabella?


2. "...Loyal, Trustworthy and Optimistic..."

Harry POV

I walked into the office. There was a long table, stretching from the door to the far end. A woman was sitting at the end staring at the wall in front. Probably thinking what she is doing here. Only when she looked over here I realized why the brown wavy hair looked so familiar.

“Jennifer?” I said as the door closed behind me. She stood up and walked towards me. “Styles.” Is she sing me or something. What did I do? It couldn't of been for what happened years ago. I thought the past was the past!

“Are you suing me!” I yelled. Hurt that she hasn't gotten over what happened. She looked at me taken back. “What no! Why would you think that!” She yelled back pointing her hand into the space in front of her.

So she wasn't her t sue me. “Because of what ha-. Uh, never mind.” I said cutting myself off before I recalled what had happened 3 years ago. She looked at me for about 3 seconds before she realized what I was talking about.

She put her hand down, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. “No, not that. That's the past. What was done was done. You can’t change it.” I saw her eyes began to water. I felt bad for even bringing it up.

I was about to tell her I was sorry when the door came open. I turned around and Jennifer moved her head to the side to see a short man with barely any hair and a black tux walk in with a briefcase.

“Afternoon, Mr. Styles, Ms. McGuinness.” The short chubby man spoke. I was guessing that was Jonathan. His voice sounds like from when we spoke the other day. We followed him towards the middle of the long table.

Jennifer and Jonathan on one side me on the other. I looked at Jennifer from across the giant table. Wondering what was the reason we were both here. The short man sat next to Jennifer and sat his briefcase on the top.

“So Sophie’s parents tell me you two were the closest to Mr. and Mrs. James?” We both nodded our heads. Why are we here for Sophie and James. Was it for there will? Did we both get something?

He pulled out a parchment. Consisting of just 3 lines. He put on his half cut glasses and looked down at the piece of paper. “Lets see here, ah, here we go.” The little men coughed and Jennifer and I caught eyes nervously.

“The Will and testimony of Sophie Marie James and John Jacob James. To our daughter, Isabella we leave everything we own.”

Jennifer and I both looked up at each other with wide eyes. If they left everything to Isabella, why are we here? “To our loyal, trustworthy and optimistic best friends Harry Edward Styles and Jennifer Rose McGuiness, hoping you take this as a blessing, give you the rights to raise and be rightful guardians of Isabella Marie James, until she comes of age. The summer house in which we own in Nottingham will serve as your home for you two and Isabella. We trust she is great hands and that will be cared for until old enough to make her own decisions.”

He removed his glasses and looked at the two of us. I stared blankly at Jennifer who looked shocked with tears streaming down her face. They want us to take care of Isabella. Together? We can’t even stand each other. Were they crazy or high when they wrote this!?

“Now, I know this may come to you as a shock but its what John and Sophie wanted. I’ve suggested the grandparents of the child or a close relative but they were sure for you two. Now I don’t know the history between the two of you but the parents say you have a pretty rocky relationship.”

“If by any chance you two decided on not wanting to take her in she will be given to an orphanage just 20 miles from here. We already have a family who is ready to adopt her but nonetheless she will have to stay there until she is a full 12 months old.”

Both of us stood silent as the short man in the suit talked. How could we take care of a child? I have my touring and band stuff to do. Jennifer is just going to have to do it on her own. But I know she’s taking college classes every night and who will be there when im not there.

We can’t take her in, im sorry but I think we're going to have to put her in an orph-. “Okay, we’ll do it.” Jennifer finally spoke. Her voice sounding very hoarse from the tears. I looked over at her my mouth open and eyes wide. What!?

The small man nodded his head and grabbed his suitcase walking out. I looked over at Jennifer as she sat there looking to the floor. Tears obviously staining her jacket sleeve. She stood up walking out and I immediately followed her.

We were out in the parking lot when I decided to grab her. I pulled her around by the shoulder and looked her in the eyes. “What was that!” I yelled. She looked at me with tears. “What? Can’t handle a baby Styles!?”

“Not right now I can’t. You know I have my touring and band to look after. I don’t have time for a kid right now!” She smirked at me wiping her tears. “Not even your own best friends.” She said looking at me.

She rolled her eyes just before wiping some tears. “You know, your so selfish, stuck up and conceded. You won’t even do your own best friend one simple favor my taking care of his kid for him. He’s dead, and all he wants to do is make sure his daughter grow up with some kind of father figure.” She quietly spoke.

“Gosh, Harry get over yourself!” She yelled. “Me, what about you! How are you going to do it! With your stupid college classes! Who will be there for her when we're both not around!” I yelled back.

“I will take online classes Harry I don't know, but im going to try. For Her!” She yelled, again pointing nowhere. “Im not letting her grow up in a damn orphanage wondering who her parents where and why they left her. Wondering why no one wanted her!”

She had tears again falling from her eyes. She looked away wiping them off her chin with the rim of her sweater. “If you don’t want to help me then fine. Isabella and I will be fine on our own.” I stood there shocked.

She turned around and walked towards her car. The engine roared to life and she was out of the parking lot in a flash. I angrily ruffled my hair between my fingers and ran back to my car. What am I supposed to do now?

I thought and thought for what seemed like hours, my head rested against the rim of the steering wheel. I sighed and put the key into the ignition, peeling out into the busy streets. Where will this road take me?

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