For Her

Harry and Jennifer's best friends both died in a car crash on there way back from vacation one day. Jennifer knew Sophie for more than 12 years and Harry and John practically grew up together playing football and trying out for the x-factor together. Many things were left for the family but the most important was left to both Harry and Jennifer. The life of there 2 year old daughter, Isabella James. The two have been signed as there guardians until she turns 18. Will Harry and Jennifer work through there differences together to raise baby Isabella?


1. Jonathan Parks of Stan and Parks


Jennifer POV

I felt the tears stain my sleeves as I wiped them away from the bottom of my chin. I stood there watching as people shoved dirt on both John and Sophie’s casket.

I can’t believe they’re gone. They were only on vacation for two weeks, having the time of their lives and then a drunk driver has to come and just ruin it for everyone. They just had a baby girl.

How is she supposed to grow up with no mother or father. Of course she will have her mother and grandfather. But how long until it's their time to go. There not that far off.

I don’t want my best friend's daughter having to grow up in an orphanage. I felt an arm rub next to me. I just stared down at what was now a pile of dirt. I knew it was Harry by the smell of his cologne.

He’s worn the same one for 6 years already.

I heard a sniffle from beside me. Was the unemotional, boybandable, god of being a big headed pop star crying? I looked over at Harry. I realized its been at least a year since I seen him.

The last time I saw him was when Isabella was born. We both stood in the room. His hair was all out of shape his eyes were red and puffy and it looked like he hadn't showered for weeks. Which is probably why he drowned himself in that cologne.

He looked over at me.”Don’t even get satisfaction over this. My best friend just died alright.” A few tears fell from his eyes and before I could say anything else he was turning the other direction and leaving in his car.

I sighed and turned back. I laid my single red rose on the pile of dirt and yet again wiped the tears from my eyes. I turned around and saw that everyone had left including Mr. and Mrs. Jones and John’s parents.

I slowly walked over to my car and drove off.


Harry POV

“Harry, mate im sure she didn't mean it like that.” Liam spoke. I shook my head placing the hands at the back of my coach reaching for a picture of John. I placed it in front of me. It was one of when we both had went to out first football game when we were 12.

It was so long ago and now I’ll never be able to make those memories with him again. I sighed placing down the picture frame. “I know but I just can’t stand her. She’s so, so.” I couldn't finish my sentence as I didn't know what to think of her anymore. It's been almost 6 months since we last saw each other.

When Isabella was born. O no Isabella, who’s going to take care of her now. She can’t got to her grandparents, they're like old already. They’ll never be able to take care of her. She’s only  5 months, she’ll be turning one in 7 months.

“She so what mate?” Liam asked putting a hand on my shoulder. I shook my head. “Nothing.” I whispered. I pulled out my phone debating whether or not if I should call her, to see if she knew what would happen to Isabella.

I went to her contact, surprised I still had it in my phone. My finger hesitated over it for a moment. Liam's phone rang making me jump. “Hello?” “O hey babe.” He replied to the obvious voice being Danielle's.

He left the room and I sat there fighting with my own body. I pressed call but it was blocked by an incoming, unknown call. I answered it. “H-Hello?” I croaked. A well mannered voice came from the other end.

“Hello, can I speak with Mr. Harry Styles.” The man spoke. “This is he. Who’s this?” I asked. “This is Jonathan Parks from Parks and Stan law firm. We would like to speak with you on the account of one of our clients, are you free anytime soon Mr. Styles?” The man asked.

My hands began to sweat, and my whole body was getting hot. What happened, I don't remember doing anything. Is someone suing me, no they can’t be, im a nice person, right? “Uh, y-yes, of course, whenever.”

“Great, how about this Friday, 3:00 in the afternoon.”

“Sounds good.” I replied shakily. He hung up without a goodbye or see you then Mr.Styles. I sighed letting my head fall back against the couch.


Jennifer POV

I stood in my kitchen leaning over the counter reading the outside of a pizza roll bag. The house phone rang and I jumped slightly. I reached over pressing the phone to my ears. I grabbed a pan from the bottom of the oven and set it on the counter.

“Hello?” I heard Jonathan's voice come from the other end of the phone. That was John and Sophie’s attorney. “Mrs. McGuiness, this is Jonathan.” I nodded my head. “Yes, can I help you.”

I poured some pizza rolls on the pan and shoved it into the oven turning on the timer. “Yes, we were wondering if you could come in Friday at 3:00 in the evening.” Jonathan spoke. I wiped my hands on my pants.

“Sure of course, what about?” I asked. “To discuss the will for Mr and Mrs. James.” I froze. They left me something? I hadn't seen Isabella for 3 months before the crash. I wonder what she left me.

I coughed. “Thank you Jonathan, I will definitely be there.” “Good day Ms. McGuiness.” I nodded my head hanging up the phone and tapped my fingers against the counter. “We, what does he mean by we?” I asked myself.

Wouldn't just be him. A thought popped into my head and I pulled out my phone. I scrolled through my contacts till I reached, ‘Jerk!’ in my contacts. I taped the name and reviewed the number over numerous times.

She I call him or wait till he ask me. If he did get put into the will, he would've called me right. Oh, who am I kidding, he hates me, and I hate him. But what if he did get a call from Jonathan, I want to know what for.

I pressed the call button. The phone rang and rang and rang but no one ever answered. I hung up and sighed. I was right, I knew he never would've answered. Just like before.



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