Mr. Tomlinson

Hey this is my first movella! PLease like and favourite.~~~~~ Sarah Johnson is your average 17 year old. She is a senior in high school. She has her best friend, Liam Payne, her guitar tutor/friend, Niall Horan, her ex boyfriend, Harry Styles, and her boyfriend, Yanni Jackson. She has good grades, well all except English. Her tutor/ teacher Mr. Malik helps her with all her work. Then there is the new teacher...


2. New Guy. Or Should I Say Teacher

As I pull up to school I see my best friend, Liam Payne, waiting for me by my parking space. "Hey Li." I say as I give him a hug. "Hey Sarah." he says. we start walking into the school when Liam started to speak. "Hey, I heard there is a new Drama teacher." he says. Great. The last teacher hated me for reasons I dont even know. "Cool. Do you know his name?" I ask. "Um I think its Mr. Tomlinson." he said. "Oh cool." I say. I started to walk towards my locker when I ran in to my ex, Harry Styles star goalie of the football (soccer team. "Hey sweet cheecks. Hows it goin'?" he asked. "What do you want Harry?" Ik asked. "Wasn't it obvious? I want you." he said. "You HAD me Harry. But you ruined that, now didn't you?" I say and walked away. I got my books from my locker and head to English. When I walk in the teacher, Mr. Mr. Malik calls me to his desk. "Yes Mr. Malik?" i say. "I just wanted to let you know that I wont be able to tutor you tonight. I have somethings that have come up." he said. "OK. Thanks for letting me know Mr. Malik." i said and walked to my seat next to my boyfriend, Yanni Jackson. One of the star football players. "Hey babe." he says. "HEyey." I smile at him. I sit down and the class goes on forever! Finally the bell rings and its time for Drama! YUS! I walked into class and I see a really hot guy at the front of the class. I wonder if we have a new student? I took my seat and the guy at the front started talking. "Hello class, I'm your new teacher Mr. Tomlinson." he said. That makes so much sense. WAIT! Did I just call me teacher hot? Oh no! I need to get that out of my head. I have Yanni and thats that! "I will call out roll and when ti gets to your name, tell me something interesting about yourself." he said. OH his voice is so beautiful! No Sarah stop! He finally got to my name. "Sarah Johnson." he said. "Here and umm I like music?" I said not knowing what else to say. "Thats fantastic." he said and conitnued with roll. After he was done he started telling everyone about himself and stuff like that. He is just so hot! The bell rang indicating it was the end of class. I was about to leave when Mr. Tomlinson called me up. "Yes Mr. Tomlinsom?" I asked. "Oh I just wanted to see if you had any- ok I m not gonna lie, Sarah I think you are beautiful." he said. "Well, thank-" he cut my off by kissing. I didnt know what to do, but I kissed back. His lips were so soft and ugh! After a few seconds I realized what I was doing. I backed away and looked at Mr. Tomlinson. "Sarah Im so sorry I should have never done-" I cut him. "Iys fine Mr. Tomlinson, I actually liked it, But its just that I have a boyfriend." and with that I walked out of his class. I couldnt get that kiss out of my mind. It was just perfect!

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