Mr. Tomlinson

Hey this is my first movella! PLease like and favourite.~~~~~ Sarah Johnson is your average 17 year old. She is a senior in high school. She has her best friend, Liam Payne, her guitar tutor/friend, Niall Horan, her ex boyfriend, Harry Styles, and her boyfriend, Yanni Jackson. She has good grades, well all except English. Her tutor/ teacher Mr. Malik helps her with all her work. Then there is the new teacher...


1. ME!

HI! Im Sarah Johnson! I'm 17, I'm 5'6 with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Im smart, but can be a total blonde (No offence to any blondes) sometimes. I am a senior in high school. My boyfriend, Yanni Jackson, is one of the star football(soccer) players at my school, the best is Harry Styles, my ex. He is the star goalie and everyone loves him. I have my bestfriend in the whole world, Liam Payne. He helps me with everything!!! I have my guitar tutor/ friend, Niall Horan. He is like a brother to me! I love him so much! So thats it about me! BYE!

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