My Angel

Kate Jacobson is 19. She finally is ready to give up. She grabs her coat and leaves. Walking for three days, no sleep, someone finds her. After receiving shocking news and running away from home, the last thing she wanted was someone else who was able to break her. She still goes with him. Whats the news? Will she regret her decision? Who finds her? Read to find out.
>>>>>Louis FanFic<<<<<<


9. Ch.9

3:00 A.M., Kate sat on the couch on the phone with Harry.

    "Why? You could have just said I was that girl!" Kate whispered and yelled at the same time.

    "I'm sorry! You just looked so beautiful! I couldn't stop myself!" He yelled.

    "You still didn't need to kiss me, Harry!" Kate Almost screamed.

    "What the fuck!" Louis yelled. Kate quickly hung up and turned around.


    "He fucking kissed you! What the hell is wrong with him!" He continued. He turned around and walked back to the bed room and slammed the door shut. Kate put her hand on her six month pregnant belly and began to cry.

        Louis came out into the living room to check on Kate. She was asleep. Louis glanced at the buzzing phone that was sitting on the table. He read the text that said, "If you didn't want me to kiss you, then why didn't you pull away?" Louis knew it was from Harry.

     "That bitch." He mumbled walking back to the bed room.

         The next morning, Kate walked into the bed room. Louis was just starring up at the ceiling. Kate walked over and sat on the be next to Louis.

     "I am guessing you saw the text." She said. He nodded. Kate reached over and put her hand softly on Louis cheek making Louis turn his head in her direction.

      "I love you Louis! Only you." She said softly. He looked into her eyes and quickly kissed her. The kiss was passionate. Louis pulled away. Their noses and foreheads touched.

      "I love you too." He said sweetly. Kate smiled. She slowly took Louis hand and put it on her stomach.

     "That, my love, is the baby kicking." Kate said. Louis's eyes sparkled in amazement. He couldn't stop smiling.

     "The baby kicked my hand!" He squeaked. Kate laughed until a sudden idea creeped  into her head.

     "I bet its a girl!" She challenged.

     "I bet its a boy!" He accepted. They both knew this was war.

     "If I am right I choose the name. If you are right you choose the name." Kate went on. They shook hands and began thinking of names.


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