My Angel

Kate Jacobson is 19. She finally is ready to give up. She grabs her coat and leaves. Walking for three days, no sleep, someone finds her. After receiving shocking news and running away from home, the last thing she wanted was someone else who was able to break her. She still goes with him. Whats the news? Will she regret her decision? Who finds her? Read to find out.
>>>>>Louis FanFic<<<<<<


7. Ch.7

Kate paced across the living room trying her best not to bite her nails.

    "Two months! Only two months!" She repeated. She heard the door handle rattle. She froze. Louis walked in, set his stuff on the ground and rushed toward her. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead.

    "Hey, love." He said.

    "Hi." Kate's voice shook.

    "Kate, what's wrong?" Louis asked. She looked up at him and took a deep breath.

    "Louis, I'm pregnant." She said quietly. Louis looked at her and slowly pulled her against him and kissed her forehead.

     "Are you mad?" She asked.

     "No." He said with no expression.



      "Louis, I'm sorry." She cried. He moved her so they were face to face.

      "Why? You have no reason to be sorry. Kate, we may have only known each other for two months, but that's all I need. I feel like I know you just enough. I'm going to be a father, and I will be damned if I miss out. I love you just as.much as I already love this baby." He said. Kate smiled. Louis put his hand against the back of her head and leaned down and kissed her. She griped on to his shirt and pulled him closer than he already was, which was nearly impossible. Louis picked her up and leaned her against the wall. Being pregnant wouldn't stop them. But Harry walking into the flat might.

Harry stood there sighed and looked down.

     "I should leave." He said, and he was gone.





















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