My Angel

Kate Jacobson is 19. She finally is ready to give up. She grabs her coat and leaves. Walking for three days, no sleep, someone finds her. After receiving shocking news and running away from home, the last thing she wanted was someone else who was able to break her. She still goes with him. Whats the news? Will she regret her decision? Who finds her? Read to find out.
>>>>>Louis FanFic<<<<<<


5. Ch.5

Kate turned over in the surprisingly comfortable bed. She saw the back of some ones head.

Immediately she knew who it was.

    "Louis!" She yelled. He quickly sat up. She sat up too and glared at him.

    "Shit." He simply said.

    "Fuck my life!" She growled and slammed back on to the bed. He leaned over her and gently kissed her. She smiled and then snapped back to reality.

    "No Louis." She said and pushed him off.

    "What?" He questioned.

    "I have been through too much, I cant loose someone that I love. I cant get to attached." She cried. He wiped her tears.

    "What makes you think your going to lose me? What is wrong, love?" He asked very concerned. She took a deep breath and began.

    "A couple months before I left, my best friend died." She said. He hugged her.

    "I'm sorry." He said.

    "That's not all." She went on. She took another deep breath. "I found out I was pregnant about three weeks before I ran away. My step dad didn't know and he hit me. I had a miscarriage." She closed her eyes and began sobbing. Louis held her tighter. 

    "Shhh, its ok. I will never ever treat you like your step dad. I promise I will never leave you." She said into her ear. She wrapped her arms around him. He kissed the top of her head and she fell asleep in his arms.

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