My Angel

Kate Jacobson is 19. She finally is ready to give up. She grabs her coat and leaves. Walking for three days, no sleep, someone finds her. After receiving shocking news and running away from home, the last thing she wanted was someone else who was able to break her. She still goes with him. Whats the news? Will she regret her decision? Who finds her? Read to find out.
>>>>>Louis FanFic<<<<<<


15. Ch.15

Kate sat on Louis's lap and looked over at the sleeping baby's that

were also on the couch.

    "Look at them." She said.

    "Bella is beautiful. Just like her mom."

    "Blake is handsome. Just like his daddy." I replied. Louis put his hands on her waist and kissed her neck. Kate got up and then sat back down next to him.

     "God. To think I almost didn't stop the night we met."

     "I was planning on leaving."

     "You did. Twice. I got you back each time." He looked into her eyes.

     "You're mine Louis Tomlinson." Kate said as he pulled her up off the couch as he stood up too."

      "Kate Jacobson aka Tomlinson. Don't you think I know this?" He laughed. Kate smiled and nodded her head. 

      "I will officially be Kate Tomlinson in two weeks." She said happily.

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