My Angel

Kate Jacobson is 19. She finally is ready to give up. She grabs her coat and leaves. Walking for three days, no sleep, someone finds her. After receiving shocking news and running away from home, the last thing she wanted was someone else who was able to break her. She still goes with him. Whats the news? Will she regret her decision? Who finds her? Read to find out.
>>>>>Louis FanFic<<<<<<


14. Ch.14

Kate starred into his eyes. She eventually leaned down and 

passionately kissed him. Louis smiled into the kiss. Kate pulled him onto the bed without breaking the kiss. Louis pulled away.

    "So I'm guessing that's a yes?" Louis said.

    "Obviously." Kate smiled and kissed him again. Louis threw his arms in the air and fell back on the bed. The twins started crying. Kate sighed.

    "Later." She said.

    "Later." Louis agreed. They both got up and walked into the nursery. Louis picked up Blake and Kate picked up Bella. Someone knocked on the door. Kate walked into the living room and opened it. In came the four other boys. Louis walked in and gave Harry a dirty look. Harry returned the favor.

    "Knock it off right now!" I yelled. "If you are going to let it ruin your friendship then I'm leaving." Sadness filled Louis eyes. I walked over to him and kissed his nose. 

    "That's a promise. Not a threat." I growled. The boys were shocked. Louis sighed and looked at Harry. Harry frowned.

    "I'm sorry I kissed your girlfriend" Harry said.

    "I'm sorry I punched you." Louis replied.

    "Okay. I'm happy now." Kate said happily as she sat down next to Liam on the couch. Liam looked at Bella, who was still bundled up in Kate's arms.

    "Can we hold them?" Liam asked. Kate smiled and nodded as she handed Bella to Liam. Louis handed Blake to Niall. Louis walked over and sat down next to Liam and Kate.

    "So, umm, Kate and I are engaged." Louis said. The boys looked over at Louis surprised. Harry looked the most shocked. Before anyone could say anything, Bella reached up and pulled on Liam's nose.

    "Ah, ow!" Liam winced. He quickly handed Bella to Zayn.

    "So your getting married. That's great!" Liam said holding his nose.


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