soul mates

2 girls who just graduated from highschool and is now in a dance,art, and music university and have special guest as there mentors for the rest of the year what will they do when they meet the boy again....


2. saying goodbye

jojo's POV

wow i didn't even notice we were already home so i got my bags and said my goodbyes to my family "BYE MOM" i yelled as we were leaving on a road trip to the university she yelled back "DONT GET PREGNANT" I laughed and said no promises she looked mad and i texted her saying "I'm just kidding


celia's POV

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm cracking up because jojo was telling her mom she doesn't promise not getting pregnant her face was priceless  so while were about too get some gas me and jojo's favorite song comes on "What Makes you Beautiful" and we see a huge tour bus and says 1D and me and jojo dont even notice were blasting the music till i walk out the car to pay for gas and everyone is staring at me im so embarassed i run to the car and tell too put earphones on and she refuses so i just take the keys out the car and i see 5 boys in the back of the bus just cracking up i didn't no it was 1D until i seen harry's curls i was so embarassed by that time i already payed for the gas and we were on our way too are UNIVERSITY WOOOHOHOOHOHOHOH


harrys POV

when we were stopping to get gas we seen this car behind us blasting "WMYB"  and all the boys including me went to the back and seen a girl telling another girl that i sworn looked like my best friend from high school but not until she takes out the keys to the car and runs too give the front desk money for gas she looks up and see's me and the boys laughing our heads off and speeds out and leaves we get are selves together and sit down

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