soul mates

2 girls who just graduated from highschool and is now in a dance,art, and music university and have special guest as there mentors for the rest of the year what will they do when they meet the boy again....


1. high school graduates

my P.O.V(celia)

woooohhhhhooooo was the sounds of me graduating from high school with my best friend joelynn a.k.a jojo we have had a hard year but finally made it and now where on our way home to go get our bags and say our good byes to our family we sent in are applications a year ago and got accepted and we just have to collect are stuff from are lockers


jojo's P.O.V

I'm super excited too go to are university and make new friends recently celia and I had gotten letters saying "we are gonna have some special guest on campus" and every body by every one I mean celia,me and an other couple people from school that are going to the same university as us is sayind its international pop sensational ONE DIRECTION and im not trying too put my hopes up too high because i went too school with harry and we were best friends and we stuck up for one another when we got bullied gosh did i have a crush on him i was about to tell him until he left for the Xfactor and didn't even say good bye too me and that broke my heart and i still remember his cheeky personality ohh yea i did not even notice were already home cause me and celia live next too each other

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