soul mates

2 girls who just graduated from highschool and is now in a dance,art, and music university and have special guest as there mentors for the rest of the year what will they do when they meet the boy again....


3. finally

jojo's POV

FINALLY we make it to D.A.M.E.U (dance,art,music educational university) because while we were driving celia was nagging me about how i embarrassed her so i just popped my ear phones in my ear until we were there and as soon as we got there i hopped out the car and said "YES FINALLY" and this girl who looked 2 or less years older than me gave me this note that said "meet outside on the front of D.A.M.E.U so we can unvail are special guest Thank You" and celia snatched it out my hand and read it and i said "im gonna go get a water bottle" she said okay and this boy helped her and while i was walking to the water bottle machine i seen 5 guys abd this one was turning around and i knew those curly locks any where and i turned around cause i did not want to talk too him and get heart broken again until he yells "JOJO" and i was so shocked and turned around and said lowley "hi" i walk over and introduced myself until louis yells "HARRY IS THIS THE GIRL WHO YOU TALKED ABOUT ALL THE TIME IN XFACTOR"  by this time he is red as a tomatoe i laugh until i hear running footsteps and turn around and i was tackled by celia and she whispered in my ear "thats what you get for not helping me" she got up and every one was laughing and she noticed she was in the presence of 1D she introduced her self and i noticed zayn was looking at her funny like he liked her hmmmm

zayns POV

when celia got off jojo's back she introduced her self too everyone and i was last too get a greeting hug but something about her she looked so beautiful wait up hold on zayn get your head together you got a beautiful girlfriend perrie back to reality i shake my head and realize every one is talking except jojo shoot did she notice me staring at celia

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